Elinor Carmi


My current research topic is: Why Spam? Challenging caterorisation of information in media technologies.  Supervised by Professor Sean Cubitt and Professor Marianne Franklin.

My research focueses on the thing that most people do not want to focus on - spam, and its earlier configuration - noise. It examines how unwanted forms of information became categorised as such, who were involved in the process, and how does it affect people's on-line behaviou and the architecture they operate in.

You can find me on my the Pinkee website and on Twitter.

I published a book (in Hebrew) in 2013 - TranceMission: The Psytrance Culture in Israel 1989-1999 (Resling Publishing)

TransMission is the first written document on Israeli Psychedelic Trance culture and presents interviews with the pioneers of the culture, analysis of more than a 100 newspaper articles and 2 verdicts related to this culture.  The book was made possible by a crowd-fnding project done in December 2012. Thanks to the 142 backers the project raised all the funds needed (5000£) to publish the book. A year later, in December 2013, the book - TranceMission - was published on Resling.

Courses I have taught at Goldsmiths:

Spring 2015 - Key Debates in Media Studies. Module leader: Dr. Gholam Khiabany.
Autumn 2014 - The Archaeology of the Moving Image. Module leader: Prof. Sean Cubitt.
Spring 2014 - The Politics of the Audiovisual. Module leader: Prof. Sean Cubitt.

Courses I have taught at the Media and Communications department at Colman College, Israel:

Autumn 2011 - Matters in Popular Culture.
Autumn 2011 - Metropolin: The City in Popular Culture.
Autumn 2011 - Summer 2012 - Critical Legal Studies (C.L.S), Literature and Popular Culture.
Spring 2012 - Language, Society and Culture