Dervla Shannahan


Current research interests include ziyarat practices in contemporary Iraq and inclusivity in Muslim ritual practices. Psychotherapist and confounder of the Inclusive Mosque Initiative.

Select journal publications

  • ‘I love you more: an embodied account of performing ziyarat in Iraq’, Performing Islam, forthcoming 2014.
  • Gender, inclusivity and UK mosque experiences ,’ Contemporary Islam 8 (1) 2014, 1-16.
  • 'Heather has two mommies and they're both caucasian and moneyed: Unsaids in international queer children's literature,'Darkmatter Journal, September 2010.
  • 'Some Queer Questions from a Muslim faith perspective,' Journal of Sexualities, 2010, 13 (6) 671-684.
  • 'Rap on 'l' Avenue'; reflections on Islam, Masculinities, and the public sphere in the Tunisian Rap scene,' (Co-authored with Qurra-Tul-Anne Hussain), Journal of Contemporary Islam, 2010, 5 (1) 37-58
  • ‘Sexual ethics, marriage, and sexual autonomy,' Journal of Contemporary Islam, 2009, 3 (1) 59-78.

Select book chapters

  • ‘Rap on l’avenue,’ (with Hussain, Q), in The Hip Hop and Religion Reader, eds. Pinn, A., and Miller, M., Routledge: New York., forthcoming 2014. 
  • ‘Gender, sexuality and inclusivity in UK mosques’ in Marranci, G., Islam in practice, Routledge Studying Religions in Practice series, Routledge: London, 2014, 124-134. 
  • ‘Textual Queering and filmatic interventions: Contesting Islam as heteronormative inheritance,' The Ashgate Research Companion to Sexuality and Religion, (Edited by Andrew Yip), 2012.