Natalie Dixon


Mobile Story: A Travelling Cultural Romance

In my dissertation I investigate the affective connection between people and mobile phones, a connection I articulate as kinship, romance and other more ambiguous attachments. This connection implicates bodies – both animate and inanimate ones. As I argue, these bodies are not bounded, isolated ‘things’ but are rather part of ongoing processes of communication and information exchange.

Drawing on my experiences as a career journalist I employ writing – as both my method of investigation and an embodied practice. Therefore, my writing is not only a way to list and describe experiences and feelings but also to perform them.

I argue that part of my strategic role and critical reflexivity as a writer is to recognize the history of our human-mobile relationship. This affective narrative is therefore a fashioned response - a re-storying - of the already taken-for-granted stories told about the technology. In so doing, I  avoid reducing mobiles to objects for analytical study somehow exempt from the context, culture and history that produced them.    

Supervised by Sarah Kember and Joanna Zylinska

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