Dr Omega Douglas

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Position Lecturer in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies
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Dr Omega Douglas

Dr Omega Douglas has practiced as a journalist and editor for over 20 years. She has worked for Conde Nast, The Guardian, TI Media, Hearst and the BBC, amongst others.

She has also worked as a media consultant for various organisations, including the UN. Omega completed an ESRC funded PhD at Goldsmiths in 2019, where she teaches across theory and practice courses. She also lectures in Culture, Media and Globalization at New York University in London, and has taught journalism at the University for the Creative Arts.

Omega’s research interests are in race, representation, international reporting, particularly coverage of Africa, media diversity and inclusion, journalism, and the role of diasporic and transnational communities, as well as international institutions, such as NGOs, in global communications.

Her doctoral research addressed the racialisation of news reporting on sub-Saharan Africa, the involvement of journalists of colour and INGOs in this process and the agenda produced.

Through in-depth interviews with journalists and INGO press officers who work for some of Britain’s largest news and aid organisations, the innovative concept of postcolonial journalistic field theory was developed. This interdisciplinary framework importantly adds to theories of representation, black (British) identity, journalism, race and cultural productions studies.

Omega is currently co-authoring a book, 'Journalism, Culture, Society' (Routledge), with Professor Angela Phillips. She is also working on a transnational journalism research project for UNESCO and the International Center for Journalists.