Dr Ruth Garland

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Position Lecturer and Convenor, BA Promotional Media
Email r.garland (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Ruth Garland

I spent more than 25 years in public sector PR, taking my PhD at the LSE in 2016. My research focuses on governments' relations with media taking the UK since 1979 as a case study. I am critical of the narrative of political spin, preferring to examine the broader relations between politics and media as an interaction between and within elites that excludes the public. I am concerned to identify the role of impartiality as a factor in trustworthy and credible public communication.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD Media and Communications - London School of Economics and Political Science 2016

Teaching and Supervision

Research interests

I worked at the BBC for 19 years as a publicist for TV and its associated published products, and in that time had the chance to observe television production from behind the scenes. I remain fascinated by the making of television programmes and the construction and practice of 'celebrity'. As a sideline to my main research I have conducted a longitudinal thematic analysis of the ITV daytime programme 'Loose Women', focusing on the contradiction between its pursuit of commercial and showbiz values while claiming to challenge stereotypes of female ageing. I have contributed a chapter to a forthcoming Rowan and Littlefield book 'Gender: Representation, Engagement and Expression in the Digital Sphere', edited by Barbara Mitra, entitled 'The social media feeds of Loose Women: taking the temperature of popular feminism'. I have attended conferences and presented papers relating to the representation by Loose Women of older women and cosmetic surgery.

Publications and research outputs


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Book Section

Garland, Ruth. 2021. How the UK government 'turned on a sixpence' to change its story: A discourse analysis of the No.10 daily news conferences. In: Stuart Price and Ben Harbisher, eds. Power, Media and the Covid-19 Pandemic Framing Public Discourse. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 206-219. ISBN 9780367706302

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