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Professor Angela McRobbie


Angela is now Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies. She will continue to play a lively role in the university offering 3 guest lectures annually. Angela has recently been appointed as a Visiting Professor at Coventry University, Institute for Creative Cultures and Centre for Postdigital Culture. She can be now contacted at Coventry University. Her email address is angela.mcrobbie (

Recent Awards

  • 2013 AHRC CREAte Goldsmiths, University of London ‘Fashion Micro-Enterprises in London, Berlin and Milan’
  • 2016 Mercator Fellow, University of Oldenburg
  • 2018 Fellow of the British Academy
  • 2019 Honorary PhD (Research), Glasgow University
  • 2020 Associate Member SFB 1265 Technische-University Berlin

Research Interests

Current Research

During 2020 Angela has been completing a monograph from the empirical work for the AHRC CREAte study investigating the working lives of small-scale independent fashion designers in three key cities: London, Berlin and Milan. Co-authored with Dr Dan Strutt (Goldsmiths MCCS) and Dr Carolina Bandinelli (University of Warwick) this book will be published by Palgrave Pivot Fashion as Creative Industry: Designer Livelihoods in London Berlin and Milan 2014-2020.

Following from this study Angela has developed two further projects focussing on fashion as urban creative economy, one has crystallised in the Critical Fashion Studies Seminar (with co-founders Dr Jo Entwistle, (Kings College, London), Prof Agnes Rocamora (London College of Fashion) and Dr Jane Tynan (Vrije University of Amsterdam). This Seminar functions as a forum for regular events with the aim of encouraging greater diversity in the field of fashion studies, also to replenish the field with socially engaged younger scholars as well as to foreground issues of labour and working lives across fashion’s global economy. The second strand from the original CREAte work extends to a study of small-scale fashion designer livelihoods and responses to the pandemic of March 2020 onwards. In collaboration with Prof Oliver MacConnell bbw-Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences) Berlin, this will entail online interviews with independent fashion professionals in the UK, in Germany and also in Italy. Funding proposals are currently being developed with a view to research beginning in June 2021.

Alongside this specialism in labour and working lives in the creative economy Angela continues to focus also on feminism, and the popular cultural forms which have accompanied the political culture of neoliberalism. In 2021 she will start work on her third book forming a trilogy of studies in this field. Titled Critical Feminist Pedagogy in Times of #MeToo this book will entail close attention to intergenerational dialogue and dispute in feminist social and cultural theory. Chapters will focus on the new feminist politics of looking and spectatorship, on the methodological gift of Saidiya Hartman’s writing, on the economy of feeling in Berlant and Ngai, and on the teaching machine in the neoliberal university. To be published in 2022.

In 2021 Angela will edit and contribute to a volume Ulrike Ottinger: Film Art and the Ethnographic Imagination. Berghahn Press.

Publications and research outputs


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Conference or Workshop Item

McRobbie, Angela. 2015. 'Pathologies of the Perfect: Femininity as Competition in Neo-Liberal Times'. In: Opening Lecture for Centre for Feminist Research. Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom.

Bates, Laura; Lewis, Gail; McRobbie, Angela; Cameron, Deborah; Eddo-Lodge, Reni; Williamson, Judith; Dahl, Ulrika; Franklin, Sarah and Power, Nina. 2014. 'Workshop on Sexism'. In: Workshop on Sexism. Goldsmiths, Universirty of London, United Kingdom.

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