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Position Professor of Communications, co-convenor of the MA in Media and Communications
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Professor Angela McRobbie

I have recently been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (FRSA).

At Goldsmiths over the last decade my teaching has comprised

BA 2nd year course 'Culture, Society and Individual'.

BA 3rd year option and MA option 'The City and Consumer Culture'.

I also do occasional lectures on MA Gender Media and Culture, and also on MA Culture Industries

I supervise MA dissertations, and I have supervised 18 PhD students to completion and they have gone on to gain positions in Kings College London, American University Paris, Imperial College Business Schoool, SOAS, SUNY, Leeds University, Birmingham City University, and various other institutions across the world.  Many of these PhD students have held AHRC and other awards. Recently I have supported one post-doctoral studentship (ESRC) and in addition to this I have also examined approximately 30 PhDs in the UK and elsewhere.

Areas of supervision

  • Feminist Theory
  • Gender and the Modern Work Economy
  • Gender and Popular Culture
  • The Global Fashion Industry
  • New Forms of Labour in the Creative Economy
  • Start Ups and Social Enterprise

Professional activities

Editorial Board Cultural Studies, Journal of Cultural Economy, Journal of Consumer Culture, Communication Review, Culture Unbound. I also review for various international academic journals.

I have served on RAE Panels 2000, 2006.

I am a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4 Womens Hour and Thinking Allowed. I write for openDemocracy and for the Guardian Comment is Free.

Research Interests

Current awards

Thanks to successful bids for external funding, it has been possible to pursue in depth a number of research projects which develop and enhance the span of my previous work. I have benefited from the UK AHRC CREATe project (total funds of £5m) awarded to Glasgow University Law School, with Goldsmiths as a funded partner. As a follow-up to this we have managed to secure further funds from an Erasmus Plus project with the Principal Investigators in Venice Italy (total funds 250,000 Euros). The title of this project is Women and Creative Entrepreneurship. Finally I have been awarded the Mercator Fellowship for 2016-2017 at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. 

From October 2016 to February 2017 I will be Mercator Fellow at the University of Oldenburg, Germany.

Summary of current book projects

Following on from my two most recent books, The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change (2008) and Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Culture Industries (2015), I have currently three different areas of research activity. These comprise:

1.    Feminism, Femininity and Neo-liberalism. This research is ongoing and will lead to a book to be published by Sage in 2018. Topics include ‘The ‘Perfect’ and the ‘Violence of Self- Regulation’ (Butler)’: New Maternity in Multi-Mediated Times: Feminism, ‘Cruel Optimism’ (Berlant) and Popular Culture; The Ferrante Naples Novels: The Biopolitics of ‘Gender Equality’: The New Politics of  Women and Work: Neo-Liberalism Normalised in Gender and Public Policy: Gender and the Politics of Precarity.

2.    Fashion as Urban Creative Economy: Start Ups, IP and Design Practice in London, Berlin and Milan. This work emerges directly out of our current AHRC funded CREATe project ( It will result in a co-authored book drawing on extensive ethnographic and observation-based research in the three cities. We hope to complete this manuscript in early 2018.

3.     The Rise of the Black and Asian British Artists… far there is one publication from this project, eventually it will result in a book which considers the socio-cultural context for the emergence of artists (including Isaac Julien, Chila Burman, Yinka Shonibare, Sonia Boyce, John Akomfrah and Steve McQueen). The book will also focus on the works themselves viewed from with a frame informed by the writing of Paul Gilory, Stuart Hall and others.



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Conference or Workshop Item

McRobbie, Angela. 2015. 'Pathologies of the Perfect: Femininity as Competition in Neo-Liberal Times'. In: Opening Lecture for Centre for Feminist Research. Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom.

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