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Position Senior Lecturer in Sound Recording and Design
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Larry Sider

Larry Sider is the Convenor for MA Film Sound and has been a sound designer, recordist and film editor for over thirty years in documentary, animation and fiction filmmaking. He has worked extensively with animators the Quay Brothers (Street of Crocodiles, Institute Benjamenta) and documentary filmmaker Patrick Keiller (London, Robinson in Space and Robinson in Ruins.)

He regularly teaches at several UK and European schools and was previously Head of Editing, Sound and Music at the National Film and Television School (UK). From 2008-2018 he was co-editor of The New Soundtrack peer-reviewed journal and is currently co-writing Everything That Comes Out of the Speakers: A Practical Philosophy of Film Sound.

Past projects include being part of the consortium that created the EU-funded EPAS (European Post-Graduate in Arts for Sound) based at KASK in Ghent and consulting on LISTEN, an EU-funded research project with the German research organisation, Fraunhofer, devising new software to create audio-augmented environments in gallery and museum spaces.

Since 1998, Larry has promoted the profile of sound in screen production as Director of the biennial symposium, the School of Sound International Symposium, a four-day event exploring the use of sound across all the arts and media. From these meetings has come the book, Soundscape: The School of Sound