Programme Directors
Professor James Curran, Director of Programme, Principal Investigator
Professor Chris Berry, Co-Director
Professor Natalie Fenton, Co-Director

Programme Administration
Graziella Terracciano

Project 1: Spaces of the News
Professor James Curran, Project Leader
Dr Natalie Fenton
Professor Nick Couldry
Dr Aeron Davis
Dr Des Freedman
Peter Lee-Wright
Angela Phillips

Project 2: Metadata in the Age of Ubiquitous Media
Professor Scott Lash, Project Leader
Goetz Bachmann
Professor Robert Zimmer

Project 3: The Mediatised View
Terry Rosenberg, Project Leader
Mike Waller

Project 4: Europe in Motion: Charting Changing Media Spaces and Policy in Europe

Professor Kevin Robins, Project Leader
Dr Asu Aksoy
Dr Monika Metykova, Research Associate

Tracking the Moving Image, Mapping the Screen
Professor Chris Berry, Project Leader
Dr Rachel Moore