Videos - Annual Symposium 2009 Media, Diversity and Cosmopolitanism in Europe

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Panel 1:  Cosmopolitanism and diversity in Europe

Adrian Favell (Aarhus University):
The Cosmopolitan and the Provincial: London as a Hub of Intra-EU Mobility

Katharine Sarikakis (University of Leeds):
The Citizen-at-Large: Cultural and Communication Rights in the European Context

Ksenija Vidmar Horvat (University of Ljubljana):
Is There a Cosmopolitan Patriotism? Spaces of Belonging and Citizenship in a Post-national Era


Zygmunt Bauman:
From Assimilation to...? A Brief History of European Ambitions and Their Frustrations

Panel 2: Media and diversity

Connie Christiansen (Roskilde University):
Homepages of Hometowns: Forging the Transnational Village, Forging Transnational Citizenship?

Aniko Imre,(University of Southern California)
Paradoxes of Minority Stardom in Post-Wall Europe 

Monika Metykova (Goldsmiths University:
European Catholic Media: A Challenge to Media Policy?

Isabelle Rigoni (Université de Poitiers):
Muslims in the European Mediascape