Dr Aeron Davis

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Publications in print and in preparation

  • (2014, forthcoming) ‘Financial Insider Talk in the City of London’ in Murdock, G and Gripsrud, J eds. Money Talks: Mediating Capital, Bristol: Intellect Press
  • (2013) Promotional Times, Polity Press
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  • (2013) ‘Applying a Weberian Perspective to the Analysis of UK Journalism: Hacking and Leveson as Products of Organisational Rationalisation’ in Max Weber Studies, Vol. 13, No. 2
  • (forthcoming, 2011) ‘Public Relations and Political Communication’ in Public Relations Inquiry
  • (forthcoming, 2011) ‘Promotion, Propaganda and the Selling of Finance’ in Sussman, G ed. Propaganda and Public Persuasion in Liberal Democracies: Political Economy and Culture, Peter Lang
  • (forthcoming, 2011) ‘The Mediation of Finance: An Inverted Political Economy of Communication Approach’ in Winseck, D and Jin, D eds. Media Political Economies: Hierarchies, Markets and Finance in the Global Media Industries, Bloomsbury
  • (2010) ‘Media and Politics’ in Curran, J ed. Mass Media and Society, 4th Edn., Arnold
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  • (2010) Political Communication and Social Theory, Routledge
  • (2010) ‘Forms of Capital and Mobility in the Political Field: Applying Bourdieu’s Conceptual Framework to UK Party Politics’ in British Politics, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp 202-23 
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  • (2007) ‘Spinning Money’ in Miller, D and Dinan, W eds., Spin and Corporate Power, Pluto

Public presentations undertaken and planned

  • Invited Paper (Mar 2011) ‘The Cultural and Communicative Disembedding of UK Political Elites’ Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Invited Conference Paper (Mar 2011) ‘Media Management, Mediatisation and Mediation in Politics’, Oxford University
  • Invited Paper (Feb 2011) ‘Media Capital in the UK Political Field’ Cardiff University
  • Invited Conference/Workshop Paper (Dec 2010) ‘Media As Democracy’, Is Democracy Possible? Conference, British Academy, London
  • Invited Conference/Workshop Paper (Oct 2010) ‘Professionalization as a causal factor in financial meltdown: knowledge bases, rewards and (dis)incentives in financial and political networks’, CRESC Anthropology and Finance, IFS School of Finance, London
  • Invited Paper (Apr 2010) ‘Professionalization in Political Parties, the New Wave of Party Leaders, and the Implications for Electoral Representation in the UK’, University of Auckland
  • Invited Paper (Apr 2010) ‘Foreign Policy-Making, Communication and the Embedding/ Disembedding of International Policy Networks: The Case of Iraq 2003’, Victoria University, Wellington
  • Conference Paper (May 2009) ‘Journalist-Source Relations, Mediated Reflexivity and Politics’ International Communication Association (ICA), Chicago
  • Key Note Paper (Apr 2009) ‘Political Journalists as an Interpretive Community’ and Key Respondent at Media in Power Workshop, University of Tampere
  • Invited Paper (Mar 2009) ‘Mediating Power’, Swansea University
  • Invited Paper (Dec 2008) ‘Media Capital and Mobility in the Political Field’, ICS, Leeds University
  • Invited Paper (Nov 2008) ‘Politicians, Forms of Media Capital, and Mobility in the Political Field: Applying Bourdieu’s Conceptual Framework to Politics at Westminster’, University of Westminster
  • Conference Paper (May 2008) ‘Embedding and Disembedding of Information Networks at the Political Centre’ ICA Conference, Montreal
  • Conference Paper (Jan 2008) ‘Evaluating Communication in the Parliamentary Public Sphere’, MeCCSA Conference, Cardiff
  • Conference Paper (Nov 2007) ‘New Media and Political Engagement in and Around the Parliamentary Public Sphere’ Goldsmiths Media Research Centre Annual Symposium: Spaces of the News, Goldsmiths, London.
  • Conference Paper (Sept 2007) ‘Cultural Embedding and Disembedding amongst Political Networks at Westminster’, CRESC Conference, Manchester