Dr. Des Freedman

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Publications in print and in preparation

  • 'The Puzzle of Media Power: Notes Towards a Materialist Approach', International Journal of Communication, Vol 8, 2014
  • Tackling ownership at a snail's pace: the government's consultation on plurality (with Justin Schlosberg), Three-D, 28 October 2013
  • 'Leveson and the Prospects for Media Reform' (co-writen with Deborah Grayson), Soundings, issue 53, Spring 2013, pp.69-81.
  • Freedman, Des (2010) 'Media Policy Silences', International Journal of Press/Politics, Vol 15 (3), pp 344-361
  • Freedman, Des with Fenton, Natalie, Metykova, Monika and Schlosberg,
  • Justin (2010) 'Meeting the News Needs of Local Communities', London: Media Trust
  • Des Freedman (2010), ‘How to Study Ownership and Regulation’ in T. Miller, M. Alvarado, M. Buonanno (eds) Handbook of Television Studies
  • Des Freedman (forthcoming 2010), ‘Television’ in J. Petley and G. Williams (eds), The Media in Contemporary Britain, Basingstoke: Palgrave (with P. Goodwin)
  • Des Freedman (2009) ‘Smooth Operator: The Propaganda Model and Moments of Crisis’, Westminster Papers in Culture and Communication 6(2), 59-72
  • Tamara Witschge, Natalie Fenton, Des Freedman (2009) Carnegie UK Inquiry into Civil Society and the Media in UK and Ireland: Media Ownership
  • Des Freedman (2009) ‘The Lure of the Public Service Publisher’, Journal of British Cinema and Television, 6(1), 103-121
  • Des Freedman (2009) ‘The Political Economy of the “New” News Environment’ in N Fenton (ed.) New Media, Old News: Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age, London: Sage, 35-50
  • Des Freedman, Angela Phillips and Nick Couldry (2009) ‘An Ethical Deficit? Accountability, Norms, and the Material Conditions of Contemporary Journalism’ in N Fenton (ed.) New Media, Old News: Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age, London: Sage, 51-67



  • Freedman, Des 'A Note on Plurality', submission to Ofcom Public Interest Test on News Corp and BSkYB, November 2010
  • Leverhulme news team, submission to Ofcom Public Interest Test on News Corporation's and BSkyB, November 2010
  • Freedman, Des (with Curran, James and Fenton, Natalie), submission to the BBC Trust in relation to the BBC Strategy Review consultation, May 2010
  • Freedman, Des (with Couldry, Nick, Curran, James and Fenton, Natalie), submission to DCMS on the IFNC pilots, February 2010.


Public presentations undertaken and planned


  • Des Freedman, October 2010 'Internet Revolutions and Popular Economics', ‘Communication and Technology’ section, International Communication Association conference, 26-30 May 2011, Boston
  • Des Freedman, Sept.2010 'Net Neutrality and Democracy', ECREA conference, Hamburg October 2010
  • Des Freedman, Sept.2010 'Media Policy Silences', RIPE@2010 Conference, BBC, London, 9 September 2010
  • Des Freedman, July.2010 'Approaches to studying media regulation', IAMCR conference, Braga,
  • Des Freedman. May 2009, ‘News spaces in a digital age’, invited speaker, Online Territories symposium, Karlstad University, Sweden
  • Des Freedman, May 2009, ‘Public Service, Public Action’, Roundtable on public service, International Communication Association (ICA), Chicago
  • Des Freedman, January 2010, ‘From the “Long Tail” to the “Bottle Neck”: the Economics of Internet Media’, MeCCSA Conference, London School of Economics
  •  Des Freedman, November 2009, ‘Silences in Media Governance’, invited speaker, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford
  • Des Freedman, October 2009, ‘Media Policy Inaction as a Response to the Recession’, Media Policy and the Private Sector Recession, University of Westminster
  • Des Freedman, June 2009, 'Never say you're sorry: Policy mistakes and a vacuum of ideas', invited speaker, The Politics and Policies of Communications conference, Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds