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Public Presentations

Professor James Curran gave expert public presentation to the Leveson Inquiry, 21 October 2011

On 17 September, James Curran gave a keynote address at Lingnan University Conference in Hong Kong on 'Impact of the Internet: An Historical Perspective'.

While on 21 September, Professor Curran was in Sydney giving a public lecture on 'Internet: Prophecy and Reality' at the Police and, which was broadcast by ABC in its 'Big Ideas Series' on October 16, 2001. Listen to the broadcast here.

9 November 2010: James Curran gave a paper on ‘The Democratic Meaning of Entertainment’ at the Media, Journalism and Democracy Conference in Lisbon University.  

14 October 2010: James Curran gave a paper on 'Media and Democracy:Key Issues and Relevant Concerns' at the European Communication Conference in Hamburg  

13 July 2010: James Curran gave a paper on 'The Press and New Technology: Continuity, Rebirth or Abyss? (1950-2010)' at The Historiography of the UK Media Conference at Kings College, London

9 July 2010: James Curran gave a paper on 'The impact of the internet on journalism' in the Axess Future of Journalism Conference in London

James Curran (2009) ‘Media and Communication’ at Rustat Conference, Jesus College, Cambridge, October.

James Curran (2009) Opening keynote address, ‘The Future of Journalism’ at The Future of Journalism Conference, Cardiff University, September.

James Curran (2009) Mini-plenary address on 'De-Westernizing Media Studies: Mission Accomplished?' at the COST Beyond East and West Conference, Central European University, Budapest, June.

James Curran (2009) Mini-plenary addresses on 'Media and Public Sphere' and 'Communication and Globalization', at the ICA conference, Chicago, June.

James Curran (2009) Opening keynote address, ‘Crisis in Journalism,’ at Crisis in Journalism Conference, University of Westminster (sponsored by BJR), May.

James Curran (2009) New Media and Old Communication’, Sociology Dept., Cambridge University, February.

James Curran (2008) ‘New Directions in Media History’, Inaugural Conference of Newspaper and Periodical Forum of Ireland, National University of Ireland, Galway, 31 October.

James Curran (2008) ‘Technology Foretold’, LSE Conference, September 23.

James Curran (2007) ‘The Context of New Media Change' Goldsmiths Media Research Centre Annual Symposium: Spaces of the News, Goldsmiths, London. November 24.

James Curran (2007) 'Media Reporting, Knowledge and Democracy', paper presented to Reuters Institute, Oxford University, November 14.

James Curran (2007) 'Global Media System, Knowledge and Democracy', LSE Public Lecture, November 13.