Joanna Redden

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Publications in print and in preparation

  • Redden, Joanna (2010) Poverty, Political Action and Policy: Considering New Media Influence in Canada and the United Kingdom” Information, Communication & Society

  • Joanna Redden & Tamara Witschge (2009) ‘A new news order? Online news content examined’. In N. Fenton (ed.) New Media, Old News: Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age. London: Sage (2009).


Public presentations undertaken and planned   

  • Redden, Joanna (October 2010) ‘Mediatising Immigration: Considering Issue Dynamics’ Paper presented at the European Communication Research and Education Association Conference, Hamburg.
  • Redden, Joanna (June 2010) ‘New Media Influence on the Representations and Politics of Poverty’. Paper presented at the ICS Networking Democracy Conference, Cluj Romania.

  • Redden, Joanna (2007 and 2009) ‘Constructing the Meaning of Poverty’ and ‘Mediating the Deserving Poor: Child Poverty, the News, Politics and Advocacy’ University of Westminster and Goldsmiths Graduate Seminars.
  • Joanna Redden 2008 'The Mediation of Poverty: An Investigation of the Role of Poverty Coverage in Social Policy and Political Action' Paper presented at European Communication Research and Education Association, Barcelona, Spain (25-28 September).