Professor Nick Couldry

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Publications in print and in preparation

  • Nick Couldry, (2007) 'New Media for Global Citizens?', Brown Journal of World Affairs, October
  • Nick Couldry and Dreher, T. (2007) 'Globalization and the Public Sphere: Exploring the Space of Community Media in Sydney', Global Media and Communications, 3(1): 79-100.
  • Nick Couldry and Markham, T. (2007) 'Celebrity Culture and Public Connection: Bridge or Chasm', International Journal of Cultural Studies 10(4): 403-421.
  • Nick Couldry (October 2007) 'Conclusion' to chapter 9 of M. Kaldor, M. Anheier and F. Holland (eds) Global Civil Society Yearbook 2007. London: LSE.
  • Nick Couldry (forthcoming November 2007) 'Media and Democracy: Some Missing Links' in T. Dowmunt and M. Dunford (eds) Inclusion through Media . London: Goldsmiths.
  • Nick Couldry (2007) 'Commmunicative Entitlements and Democracy: The Future of the Digital Divide Debate' in R. Mansell et al. (eds) The Oxford Handbook on Information and Communication Technologies. Oxford University Press, 383-403.
  • Nick Couldry, Livingstone, S. and Markham, T. (2007), 'Connection or Disconnection? Tracking the Mediated Public Sphere in Everyday Life' in R. Butsch (ed) Media and Public Spheres. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 28-42.
  • Nick Couldry (forthcoming early 2008) 'Media and the Problem of Voice' in N. Carpentier and B. de Cleen (eds) Participation and Media Production: Critical Reflections on content Creation . Bristol: Intellect Press.
  • Nick Couldry (forthcoming early 2008) 'Media Ethics: Towards a Framework for Media Producers and Media Consumers' in K. Soper L. Thomas and M. Ryle (eds.) Better than Shopping . Basingstoke: Palgrave.
  • Nick Couldry, (2009) 'New Online News Sources and Intermediaries' in N Fenton (ed.) New Media, Old News: Journalism and Democracy in a Digital Age, London: Sage

Public presentations undertaken and planned

  • Nick Couldry, May 2008 (proposal submitted) 'The Public as News Sources and New Intermediaries' International Communications Association (ICA), Montreal.
  • Nick Couldry, May 2007 'Can We Construct a Media Ethics, and From Where?' Symposium on Media, Culture, Ethics: Towards a New Research Paradigm', The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (invitation funded by the British Council, Israel) (Keynote)
  • Nick Couldry, November 2007 'Towards a Global Media Ethics', Philosophy of Communication Section of ECREA (European Communication Research Association), University of Surrey.
  • Nick Couldry, October 2007 , 'Towards a Global Media Ethics', Global Communication and Development Association first conference, Shanghai
  • Nick Couldry, July 2007, IAMCR conference, UNESCO, Paris
  • Paper: 'The Digital Audience and the Changing Public sphere: Reception by Distraction or Mobilised Digital Network?'
  • Nick Couldry, July 2007, 'Media Events and the Ritual Enactment of Political Participation'. Media Events Globalization and Cultural change conference, University of Bremen, Germany.