Metadata in the Age of Ubiquitous Media: News


Fieldwork in Shanghai, January 2010

The Projects team has recently returned from a research trip to Shanghai. Based  on the fieldwork by Daisy Tam and Goetz Bachmann one result of this will be an ethnographic account of the practices of an "economy of contribution", in a company that specialises in creating apps and platforms for the social web.

Michael Jewell has joined the team. He will complete the AS3 coding for - a system for timestamp- and intensity-based collaborative tagging (see below)  of audiovisual content.


Economie of Contribution, 8 February 2009, glocon%20program-1 Atmospheres of Participation, 13. Nov. 2009, Intel%20workshop%20programme Publics and Atmospheres , 17.November 2009, P%26A_Workshop_Abstract_4

Annual Symposium 2008: Force of Metadata

Saturday, 29 November 2008, 9.30 am - 18.30 pm (Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths, University of London) The Metadata Symposium on Nov the 29th was a great success. More than 170 people have registered for the event in advance. The speakers from different backgrounds, opened up truly interdisciplinary discussions on philosophy, computer science, arts and humanities. Many participants continued the discussions at the reception after the day long event. The importance of metadata research is agreed as well as the exploration of its possibilities in the future development, especially under an interdisciplinary framework.