Metadata in the Age of Ubiquitous Media: Outputs


Project in general

Overall description of the projects approach – [ Metadata0_outline

 Fieldwork in Japan - The Video sharing-platform 'Nico Nico Douga' 

In this series of short and preliminary (!) texts we publish first results of the Metadata Project’s ethnographic research on Nico Nico Douga. We post the Nico Nico Douga Texts first on our research blog, and some weeks later here in form of pdfs. There is more to come.


What is Nico Nico Douga - [ Metadata1_NND_basics1 ]
Our research (started with a party) - [ Metadata2_NND_basics2 ]
Some lessons for us beginners by an Otaku - [ Metadata3_NND_basics3 ]

 Focus groups and events

What is “Kuuki”? Our first focus group – [ Metadata6_kuuki1_whatis ]
Dimensions of Imas – talking to members of Nico Nico Bu - [ Metadata7_dimensions ]
What is “Matsuri”? Talking to Nico Nico Bu members in Kyoto - [ Metadata20_Matsuri ]
Dancing with avatars – clubbing on a Nico Caravan in Osaka - [ Metadata18_Clubbing ]
Tetsugaku (= philosophy) on Nico Nico Douga: More about tags - [ Metadata12_tags ]

Portraits of Conversations

Tag-Wars: A conversation with Hamano Satoshi san - [ Metadata4_tag_wars ]
Evolution as narrative: A conversation with Yoshikawa Hideyuki san - [ Metadata5_evolution ]
Greasemonkey for tags? A conversation with Noriaki-san - [ Metadata8_Grease ]
Swinging Tags: A conversation with Koizuka Akihiko san - [ Metadata9_swinging ]
Kuuki dissected: A conversation with Kishino Yusuke san - [ Metadata10_Kuuki2_dissected ]
Chanting Jokes: A conversation with Anehime-san  - [ Metadata14_Jokes ]
Life and death on Nico Nico Douga – a conversation with Hikawa Ryusuke san  - [ Metadata15_Life ]
Secret Nico Nico Douga: Meeting Arimura Yuu san and three of his junior fellows  - [ Metadata16_secret ]
Nico Politics in a Cosplay Cafe: A conversation with Midouoka-san  - [ Metadata17_politics ]
Beyond Sklavenmoral - Kanamaru Toshiyuki and Harry Graf Kessler - [ Metadata21_Sklavenmoral ]
Story and backstory in the age of metadata - A conversation with Sikii-san - [ Metadata22_Backstory ]


Reading Nico Nico Douga with Gerard Genette  - [ Metadata11_genette ]
Nico-ish platforms in the West and in China - [ Metadata13_west_and_china ]
Clubbing in the afternoon: Dancing on a Nico Nico Caravan in Osaka - [ pdf ]
Wunderbar! Nico Nico Douga goes German – and some hesitant reflections on Japaneseness - [ Metadata19_Japanesness ]
More to come soon! Meanwhile check out our blog or go for the real stuff.         

Public Presentations

 "Ends of Television" Conference in Amsterdam, June 29th: Goetz Bachmann presents a paper on "The power of Metadata Time"

The 7th European Conference of Computing and Philosophy, Barcelona, 2-4 July: Yuk Hui, Phd student of the project: ‘ On the Meaning of Digital Objects’

The 5th Social Study of ICT Open Research Forum (SSIT-ORF), London School of Economics ,21-22 April, 2009: Yuk Hui: ‘On the Temporal Experience of Digital Objects’

Open Knowledge Conference, University College of London, 28 March, 2009: Yuk Hui, Andrea Rota, U.Tagit: ‘ATime-Based Video Tagging Engine*

Les Entretiens du Nouveau Monde Industriel,, Paris, 24-26 March, 2009: Yuk Hui :’ On the Logic of Digital Objects– the Necessity of Meanings’

Andrea Rota has presented the project on the "Open Video  Conference" in New York on June 19th/20th. – a platform that allows time- and intensity-based tagging of videos – is advancing. Specs are ready and a further programmer/designer (Darren Wiliams) has joined the              team  of Robert Zimmer, Andrea Rota, Yuk Hui,  Brigitte Kaltenbacher, Yuk Hui and Goetz Bachmann.