The Mediatised View


Project 3 News

Polis Project - Geo Soapbox

This folio presents the Polis Project - Geo Soapbox.  This was one of the design projects within the 'Mediating Place' Programme 3 of the 'Goldsmiths Leverhulm Project'.

Waller Soapbox Portfolio

Mobile/Web App being developed

The design team is working on creating a mobile/web app which will be a 'platform' that allows one to think through and analyse political issues at different scales (local, regional, global) and from different perspectives.

At its heart, we are thinking about developing a template which will allow one to analyse and develop 'argument' in an informed way. The platform will also allow political debate to be mapped in space and time and threads of opinion connected spatio-temporally - where possible the points made in the strong thread of connected arguments may afford action.

Symposium 2010 a Success

Held on 19 November 2010, Symposium 2010: Mediating Practices: Design, Politics and their Publics  focused on design as a mediating practice; both in the narrowcast sense of how it contributes to the production of new forms of ‘media’, and, also, in the wider sense that design is itself a mediatory practice; conditioning the spaces and objects of our everyday practices and, in and through this, effecting the way we are, and mediating the very sense of ourselves, as individuals and communities.

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10-12 December 2009

Barcelona Conference December 2009: Changing Cultures: Cultures of Change, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 


The research team held an exhibition entitled, MAKEBELIEVE SHOW from 19 to 27 September 2009.

The show includes a showcase of the Design Project 'Mediating Place' part of the leverhulme research programme. It will show working prototypes of future media devices. We would like people to come and see the work, particularly if they are part of the Leverhulme wider project.

Venue: Kinnarps, 12 Dryden Street, Covent Garden,WC2E 9NA London
Time: 18- 27 September, 10-10pm weekdays, 11-4pm weekends

Everyone is welcome