Public lectures


January 2013

On 11th January 2013, Professor James Curran gave a plenary keynote address to the ‘Spaces and Places of Culture’ Annual Conference of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MECCSA) in Derry/Londonderry. His address was entitled 'Mickey Mouse Squeaks Back'. It can be viewed, along with the address of the other speaker, Terry Eagleton, on

November 2012

Professor James Curran presented a public lecture on 'Citizenship, Internet and Democracy: A New Public Sphere?' at the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture, 12 November 2012.

October 2012

Dr Des Freedman presented a paper on 'Profits of the New Media Economy' to the ECREA Conference in Istanbul in October 2012 and was invited to present on a similar topic by the Media, ICT and Cultural Policy Research Group at the University of Bergen in November 2012.

Dr Des Freedman was invited to speak to the International Symposium on 'Communication and Global Power Shifts' at the Communication University of China in Beijing, October 2012.

May 2012

Professor James Curran gave a master-class on 'From the Rise of Media Entertainment to Misunderstanding the Internet' at the International Communication Association Conference in Phoenix, USA on 26 May 2012

April 2012

Professor James Curran delivered the opening keynote address 'Demystifying the Internet' at the Identity, Culture and Communication Conference in Madrid, 19 April 2012.

February 2012

on 28 February Professor James Curran gave a keynote address on 'New Communications Technology and Societal Change' at a Centenary Conference at the University of Lisbon.

Professor James Curran presented a paper on 'Reassessing the Impact of the Internet 'to the Social Media and Journalism Conference at Dublin City University, 22 February 2012.

December 2011

Dr Des Freedman and Professor Natalie Fenton spoke on media reform at the Bank of Ideas on 19 December 2011.

November 2011

On 25 November Professor Natalie Fenton presented a paper to a conference 'Trust. Revisited' at Edinburgh University titled 'Press, Politics Power and the Public Interest'.

Professor Natalie Fenton gave a keynote lecture to a conference at Bergen University on 4 November, 'New Ways of Telling Truths or Tales: Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age'.

October 2011

Professor James Curran gave expert public presentation to the Leveson Inquiry, 21 October 2011.

September 2011

Professor James Curran gave a keynote address on 17 September at Lingnan University Conference in Hong Kong titled 'Impact of the Internet: An Historical Perspective'

On 21 September, Professor Curran gave a public lecture on 'Internet: Prophecy and Reality' at the Police and, which was broadcast by ABC in its 'Big Ideas Series' in Sydney. Listen to the broadcast here.

October 2010

James Curran gave a paper on 'Media and Democracy: Key Issues and Relevant Concerns' at the European Communication Conference in Hamburg.

July 2010

James Curran gave a paper on 'The impact of the internet on journalism' at the Axess Future of Journalism Conference in London.

On 13 July, James  Curran gave a paper on 'The Press and New  Technology: Continuity,  Rebirth or Abyss? (1950-2010)' at The  Historiographyof the UK Media  Conference at Kings College, London.

March 2010

James Curran, Natalie Fenton and Angela Phillips spoke at a pre-election event at Westminster on 'Democracy Without Journalists- The Crisis in Local News'. Other speakers included: Jeremy Dear (General Secretary of the NUJ); Steve Hewlett (R4 The Media Show and Guardian columnist)and Professor Stephen Coleman (University of Leeds). More information.

February 2010

Natalie Fenton presented the Spaces of News research at MiddlesexUniversity on 2 February and Leicester University on 10 February Abstract Drowning or Waving? New Media, Journalism and Democracy

November 2009

On 6 November the Media Manifesto 6.11.09 took place. See Natalie Fenton's speech: A Media Manifesto for the Digital Age

September 2009

Natalie Fenton and Nick Couldry give a Keynote address to the ECREA Transforming Audiences Conference, Westminster, entitled 'From Consumer/Producers to Actual Politics? Social Media and the Practice of Dems been arranged by the Projectteamocracy' See the video of the event:

Angela Phillips presented 'Transparency and the New Ethics of Journalism'  at the Future of Journalism Conference in Cardiff. 

July 2009

Rachel Moore and Janet Harbord participated in a Summer School organized by the University of Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle's Institute of Research on the Cinema and Audiovisual, an annual forum for Scholars and Post-Graduate Students. On a day at The National Institute of Art History, Paris, devoted to "From the Screen format to the Exhibition Form" Rachel Moore and Janet Harbord gave a paper, 'Watching People Watch: Paying Attention to Screens in London's Science Museum'.

Natalie Fenton presented two papers at the IAMCR conference in Mexico on 25 July:

- 'Cloning the News: NGOs, New Media and the News' - Download abstract

- 'Comment is free, facts are sacred: Journalistic ethics in a changing mediascape' (co-authored by Tamara Witschge)

May 2009

Professor James Curran, gave the opening address ‘Crisis in Journalism’ at the Westminster conference ‘Crisis in Journalism.’ The conference was held on 19 and 20 May. Watch the video of James’ keynote.

Tamara Witschge, Research Associate on the Spaces of News project, also gave a presentation at the conference (on 20 May). The presentation was entitled: The tyranny of technology? Examining the role of new media in news journalism. 

On 7 May, Des Freedman presented findings from the Leverhulme Spaces of News project at the international symposium 'Online Territories: Globalization, Mediated Practice and Social Space', Dept of Media and Communications, University of Karlstad, Sweden, He presented his paper “News spaces in the digital age” on 7 May 2009.This presentation summarises some of the conclusions of the 'Spaces of the News' project, carried out as part of the wider research of the Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre investigating the relationship between digital technologies, media institutions and public space.

June 2009

Goetz Bachmann presented at the Ends of Television Conference in Amsterdam.

March 2009

The Screen Project team attended the international film studies conference "In the Very Beginning, At the Very End" in Udine, Italy where they co-delivered a plenary panel paper entitled "Archive, Surveillance, Attention: Tracking the Screen in Public Spaces"

February 2009 

On February 13, James Curran gave a paper to a Sociology Seminar: New Media and Old Communication,  at Cambridge University in which he summarised three of his recent studies - an historical examination of new media forecasts, a case study of the international e-zine, openDemocracy (conducted with Tamara Witschge) and a comparative study of media reporting and public knowledge in four countries (with Iyengar, Lund and Salovaara-Moring).

January 2009 

Members of the Spaces of News team have presented their work at a seminar of the Communication and Media Research Institute at the University of Westminster on Wednesday 28 January. 

Dr Tamara Witschge, research associate on the project Spaces of News, has presented the paper 'All that remains is change? News journalism cultures and new media technology'. She spoke at the MeCCSA 2009 conference organised by the University of Bradford (14-16 January). For more information on the conference, please visit the MeCCSA conference website.

November 2008

Chris Berry & Janet Harbord presented the pilot study work and our initial attempts to develop a theoretical framework for the project at the "Technovisuality and Cultural Reenchantment" conference. The title of their paper was "Archive, Attention, Surveillance: Tracking the Screen in Public Spaces." The conference was held in Hong Kong from 20-22 November 2008, and co-organized by Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shue Yan University.


The Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre was well represented at ECREA's second European Communication Conference (Barcelona, 25-28 November). Natalie Fenton, Des Freedman, Peter Lee-wright, Angela Phillips and Tamara Witschge presented works from the forthcoming book 'New Media, Old News: Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age'. For videos, see  ECC08 YouTube Channel.


On 7 November Natalie Fenton gave a staff sociology seminar at Cambridge University based on a general overview of the findings of the project to date. The seminar was entitled, Drowning or Waving? New Media, Journalism and Democracy. The seminar was well-attended and the work was enthusiastically received with much discussion relating to the potential social and political implications of the study.

October 2008

Dr Tamara Witschge, research associate on the project Spaces of News, has presented the paper 'Comment is free, facts are sacred: journalistic ethics in a changing mediascape', co-authored with Dr Natalie Fenton at the conference of The End of Journalism? Technology, Education and Ethics Conference 2008 organised by the University of Bedfordshire in Luton on 17-18 October 2008. The paper discusses the how newsmakers view, appropriate and evaluate citizen journalism in the changing mediascape.

For more information on the conference, access to papers presented there, please visit the  End of Journalism website.