Materials for Download


Download all materials of the Gold-MSI from this page. We recommend using the psychometrically optimised version 1.0 but the documentation also covers version 0.9 that was used with the BBC's How Musical Are You? implementation as well as an extended research version 0.91.

The usage of the materials is free and you don’t need to ask permission. Please quote the appropriate references:

Müllensiefen, D., Gingras, B., Musil, J., & Stewart L. (2014). The Musicality of Non-Musicians: An Index for Assessing Musical Sophistication in the General Population. PLoS ONE, 9(2): e89642. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0089642

Gold-MSI_Documentation (PDF download)

Self-report questionnaire and audio materials

Gold-MSI_Selfreport_Questionnairev1.0 (PDF download)

Gold-MSI_All_Items_Scoring_Templatev1.0 (XLS download)

Gold-MSI_Subscales_Scoring_Templatev1.0 (XLS download)

Gold-MSI_Documentation (PDF download)

PsychoPy implementation of Melody Memory and Beat Perception tests

The Melodic Memory and Beat Perception test have been implemented with English and German instructions by Estela Puig-Waldmüller and Bruno Gingras from the University of Vienna. Please download form here:

PsychoPy Implementation English

PsychoPy Implementation German

German translation of self-report questionnaire

Gold-MSI_v1.0_Deutsch (PDF download)

Gold-MSI_Auswertungvorlage_Deutsch (XLS download)

Gold-MSI_Teilskalen_Auswertungvorlage_Deutsch (XLS download)

Danish translation of self-report questionnaire

Gold_MSI_V1.0_Dansk (PDF download)

Gold_MSI_V1.0_Dansk_worddoc (Word doc download)

Gold-MSIv10_All_Items_Scoring_Template_Dansk (XLS download)

Gold-MSIv10_Subscales_Scoring_Template_Dansk (XLS download)

Older versions

Gold-MSI_Paper_Layoutv0.9 (PDF download)

Gold-MSI_All_Items_Scoring_Templatev0.9 (XLS download)

Gold-MSI_Subscales_Scoring_Templatev0.9 (XLS download)