Postgraduate research in the Music Department


Opportunities for postgraduate research in music at Goldsmiths:

Current MPhil/PhD students (login required): Music Postgraduate Research Student Homepage.

Recent PhD successes

Congratulations to:

Maja Bosnic - Thesis Title: Re-Question, Reset. Portfolio of compositions accompanied by a written commentary 

Jasmine Elizabeth Hornabrook - Thesis Title: Becoming One Again: Music and Transnationalism in London's Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora

Rachel Jeremiah-Foulds

Anna Kounadi - Thesis Title: Scriabin Sonata-Fantasy op. 19 n.2 On Record: A comparative study of sound recordings and piano rolls

Marcus Leadley - Thesis Title: In Situ Listening: Soundscape, Site and Transphonia
Lis Lewis
 - Thesis Title: Aesthetics (1706-1972): A National Style?
Matthew Anthony Lewis - 
Thesis Title: Ventriloquial Acts: Critical reflections on the art of Foley and the role of sound in social space

Neil March - Thesis Title: Developing an Urban Art Music

Anastasios Mavroudis - Thesis Title: Performing Sicilianos: Selected Chamber Works and Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Emmanuel Spinelli - Thesis Title: Composing with Schizo-narratives and Sonic Chorographies: The Territory of Disembodied Voices and the Perception and Acousmatic Identities

Rebecca Turner - Thesis Title: Modern Technique and Aesthetics in the Twentieth-Century Solo Cello Music

Tara Wilson - Thesis Title: Russian Post-Minimalist Music: A Semiological Investigation into the Narrative Approaches employed by Alexander Knaifel between 1978 and 1994

Maria Yerosimou - Thesis Title: Jani Christou's ‘Strychnine Lady’ (1967): The development of an interpretative strategy in the context of the interdisciplinary ideas surrounding its genesis

Alistair Zaldua - Thesis Title: The Concept of the Meta-Instrument and its Implementation in Pre-Composition