Dr Dimitris Exarchos

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Position Associate Lecturer
Department Music
Email d.exarchos (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7640
Dr Dimitris Exarchos

Dimitris is a theorist and musicologist specialising in contemporary music. He holds a PhD in Theory and Analysis from Goldsmiths. He has published in books and journals, delivered talks in the UK and abroad, organised symposia (Xenakis International Symposium; Notation in Contemporary Music; Compositional Aesthetics and the Political) at Goldsmiths' Contemporary Music Research Unit (CMRU) and curated concerts and events (Southbank Centre, Goldsmiths, Migrant Sound).

For a number of years he also taught Music Analysis and History at the University of Surrey. Recently he was a Research Fellow at the State Institute for Music Research in Berlin, Germany and is currently Visiting Research Fellow at CMRU. His research explores the intersections between post-structuralist philosophy and contemporary composition, including computational and mathematical approaches.


  • Musical Structure & Understanding (BMus)
  • Musicianship: Performance, Analysis, Composition (IFC)
  • Composition Portfolio (Bmus)
  • Mapping 20th Century Music (BMus)
  • Material Form & Structure (MMus)
  • Compositional Techniques (MMus)


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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