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Position Professor in Composition, Director Contemporary Music Research Unit
Department Music
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Roger Redgate

Roger Redgate graduated at the Royal College of Music, where he won prizes for composition, violin performance, harmony and counterpoint, studying composition with Edwin Roxburgh and electronic music with Lawrence Casserley. A DAAD scholarship enabled him to study with Brian Ferneyhough and Klaus Huber in Freiburg. From 1989 to 1992 he was Northern Arts Composer Fellow, he has lectured at Durham and Newcastle Universities. He was invited as guest composer and conductor at the Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992 and 1994 where he received the Kranichsteiner Musikpreis for composition. He is conductor and artistic director of Ensemble Exposé, with whom he has performed at many European festivals and on BBC Radio 3 and recently released a CD of music by Brian Ferneyhough.

He has worked in the fields of jazz, improvised music, film and television (including programmes for the BBC and Channel 4), and performance art. His compositions have been performed extensively throughout Europe, Australia and the USA and he has received commissions from the BBC, the French Ministry of Culture, the Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, the Venice Biennale and Ensemble 21 New York. He has published articles on music and culture, the music of Brian Ferneyhough and Michael Finnissy, including a chapter in the book Uncommon Ground: The Music of Michael Finnissy.

CD recordings of his works are available on the Coviello, Oboe Classics, NMC, Metier and Edition Zeitklang labels and further recordings are in preparation due for release on the Metier and NMC labels. His compositions are published by Editions Henry Lemoine, Paris, United Music Publishers, London and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Areas of supervision

Current Postgraduate Research Students in Composition:

Mark Barden
Richard Bolley
Polly Hewitt 
Wojciech Kosma 
Matt Lewis 
Chun-Ming Lu 
Neil March 
Coreen Morsink
Silvia Rosani 
Paul Sarcich 
Jeff Spencer 
Stamatia Statherou
Jerry Wigens
Alistair Zaldua 

Maja Mitrovic  (Submitted)
Mizuka Yamamoto (Performance) (submitted)

Recorded works

Own Works

Oboe Quintet
and Eperons, on Greatest Hits of All Time (Metier msv 28513). Recorded by Christopher Redgate/Kreutzer Quartet/Julian Warburton.

Recorded by Jane Chapman on Wired (NMC D145)


Complete Piano Music: Pas au-delà, Genoi Hoios Essi, Eidos, Beuys, trace-arc-écart, Monk. Recorded by Nicolas Hodges on Coviello Contemporary COV60809

Recorded by Christopher Redgate on Oboe Classics (CC2015)
+R  Recorded by Rolf Borch on Step Inside, Aurora (ACD 5046)
+R  Recorded by Andrew Sparling (NMC D092)

Mirlitonnades Recorded by Katherine Durran and Alison Smart on New French Song (Metier MSV CD92100)
écart Recorded by Thalia Myers (piano) on Spectrum USK Recordings (USK 1227CDD)

ruins true refuge Recorded by Corado Canonici on A Roaring Flame (NMC D079)

Recorded by Peter Veale and Olaf Tzschoppe (Trio Surplus), Edition Zeitklang, Germany.

  Recorded by Thalia Myers (piano) on Spectrum (NMC 0057)

trace Recorded by Thalia Myers (piano) on Spectrum (NMC 0051)

As Conductor

Brian Ferneyhough: Chamber Music - Allgebrah, Flurries, Incipits, In Nomine EnsembleExposé on Metier (MSV 28504)
Edwin Roxburgh: Oboe Music - Elegy, EnsembleExposé, Metier

Joanna Bailie: Waning
Mary Bellamy: Earth and Sky Reflect Each Other
Joe Cutler: Visions of a Floating World
Sam Hayden: Recoil
Jonathan Powell: Saturnine
Luke Stoneham: Rictus Heads
Sohrab Uduman: In Accord – In motion
All for Critical Notice/BMIC MP3 Downloads

Joe Cutler: Visions of a Floating World, Unknown Public/BMIC (UPCN01)

Fabrice Fitch: Filigranes pour les Freres Limbourg, on Wind-Up, Metier (MSV CD92042)

Richard Barrett: what remains, Topologies, Musicworks 72, Toronto, Canada

Michael Finnissy: The Chamber Music, Etcetera (KTC 1096) with Roger Redgate –violin

Publications and research outputs


Redgate, Roger. 2016. String Quartet No. 4.

Redgate, Roger. 2014. Runa.

Redgate, Roger. 2014. Sgraffito.

Redgate, Roger. 2011. Black Icons (for solo cello and ensemble).

Redgate, Roger. 2010. Tehom for bass clarinet, cello and trombone.

Redgate, Roger. 2009. Concerto for Improvising Soloist and Two Ensembles.

Redgate, Roger. 2009. TAG for soprano sax and guitar.

Redgate, Roger. 2008. Labyrinths for prepared piano and harpsichord/clavichord.

Redgate, Roger. 2008. Roger Redgate: works for piano solo.

Redgate, Roger. 2008. String Quartet No 3.

Redgate, Roger. 2007. Monk.

Redgate, Roger. 2007. Koan.

Redgate, Roger. 2005. Disjecta for solo 10 string guitar.

Redgate, Roger. 2005. Oboe Quintet.

Redgate, Roger. 2005. Residua.

Redgate, Roger. 2004. Mirlitonnades.

Redgate, Roger. 2004. écart.

Redgate, Roger. 2004. ruins true refuge.

Redgate, Roger. 2004. …still….

Redgate, Roger. 1999. IGLOO (Film Soundtrack)." aria-label="Full research outputs of Redgate, Roger">Redgate, Roger. 1999. arc.

Redgate, Roger. 1998. Informer (Film Soundtrack).

Redgate, Roger. 1998. Pierrot on the Stage of Desire.

Redgate, Roger. 1998. SLEEP (Film Soundtrack).

Redgate, Roger. 1997. moments and contacts (Film Soundtrack).

Redgate, Roger. 1996. trace.

Redgate, Roger. 1995. Atemkristall.

Redgate, Roger. 1995. Mangetout (Film Soundtrack).

Redgate, Roger. 1994. Blue Scars (Film Soundtrack).

Redgate, Roger. 1994. Celan Songs.

Redgate, Roger. 1994. Small Gestures (Film Soundtrack).

Redgate, Roger. 1993. Graffiti.

Redgate, Roger. 1992. Beuys.

Redgate, Roger. 1992. Feu la cendre.

Redgate, Roger. 1991. +R.

Redgate, Roger. 1990. Inventio.

Redgate, Roger. 1990. Vers-Glas.

Redgate, Roger. 1989. Pas au-delà.

Redgate, Roger. 1988. Eperons.

Redgate, Roger. 1985. String Quartet No 2.

Redgate, Roger. 1985. Eidos.

Redgate, Roger. 1985. ...of torn pathways.

Redgate, Roger. 1984. String Quartet No 1.

Redgate, Roger. 1984. Eos.

Redgate, Roger. 1982. Ausgangspunkte.

Redgate, Roger. 1980. Genoi Hoios Essi.


Redgate, Roger. 2016. Runa.

Redgate, Roger and Cox, Franklin. 2015. The New Cello, Vol 2: European Composers.

Redgate, Roger. 2015. Ausgangspunkte.

Redgate, Roger and Wright, Matthew. 2014. Single Combat.

Redgate, Roger. 2014. Eperons.

Redgate, Roger. 2014. Concerto for Improvising Soloist and Two Ensembles.

Redgate, Roger. 2014. Black Icons.

Redgate, Roger. 2009. Oboe Quintet.

Redgate, Roger. 2009. Eperons.

Redgate, Roger. 2009. Residua.

Redgate, Roger. 2008. Chamber Music by Brian Ferneyhough.

Redgate, Roger. 2008. Roger Redgate Complete Piano Music Recording.

Redgate, Roger. 2005. +R.

Redgate, Roger. 2005. +R.

Redgate, Roger. 2005. mirlitonnades.

Redgate, Roger. 2004. ruins true refuge.


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Book Section

Redgate, Roger. 2018. Contemporary British Music: Technique and the Compositional Process. In: P. Archblod and R. Saxton, eds. Contemporary British Music: Technique and the Compositional Process. Ashgate. ISBN 978-0-7546-6367-6

Redgate, Roger. 2017. Notation, Structure and Performance: Towards a Grammatology of Music. In: R. Woodley, ed. Notation and Practice: Essays in Musical Performance and Textuality. Cambridge: Cambridge University of Press.

Redgate, Roger. 1998. Michael Finnissy: The Chamber Music, in Uncommon Ground: The Music of Michael Finnissy. In: Henrietta Brougham; Christopher Fox and Ian Pace, eds. Uncommon Ground: The Music of Michael Finnissy. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 135-168. ISBN ISBN 1 85928365 X

Conference or Workshop Item

Redgate, Roger. 2020. 'Complexity: The Precise Articulation of the Imprecise'. In: Imperfection as an Aesthetic Idea in Music. Institute for Music Aesthetics and the Artistic Research Doctoral School of the University for Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria, Austria 19 – 21 November 2020.

Redgate, Roger. 2016. 'The Ideality of Time'. In: Making Time in Music. University of Oxford, United Kingdom 12-14 September 2016.

Redgate, Roger. 2015. 'Towards an Aesthetic of Resistance'. In: For Cryin' Outloud: Music and Politics. University of Utrecht, Netherlands 6-8 September 2015.