04: Black History Month


For this episode of New X Change we bring you two new stories on black visibility and representation in the media and education

Over the month, we have spoken with academics and researchers at Goldsmiths about what visibility means for black people in universities, as well as in the wider world. Conversations about the lack of black representation have become increasingly urgent at a time when racism is being challenged all over the world.

In this series, we ask what black visibility and representation means in education and in the media, and use contemporary examples to highlight both the problems and the possibilities for the future. We hear from lectures, professors and a PhD student about what black representation means to them, and the ways in which their research tackles these questions.

Diversity in the Media

Iman Mohamed speaks to Dr Anamik Saha and PhD student Krys Osei about the double edged sword of media visibility for black people at a time when companies use words like ‘diversity and ‘inclusion’ as a marketing strategy.

Dr Anamik Saga is a lecturer in Media, Communications and Promotion, and is the co-convener of the MA Race, Media and Social Justice. And Krys Osei is a current PhD student with the Department of Media and Communications.

Extracts from the interview with Munroe Bergdorf is courtesy of ITV This Morning.

Diversity in Education

In this episode, Iman Mohamed is in conversation with Dr Deirdre Osborne and Professor Claudia Bernard. They discuss the ways in which academics and practitioners centre black voices at Goldsmiths, and the importance of racial inclusivity both within universities and in the wider community.

Dr Deirdre Osborne is a reader in English Literature and Drama, and is the co-convener of MA Black British Writing. Claudia Bernard is a professor of Social Work and Head of Postgraduate Research in the Department of Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies.