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Charlotte Harding

"While at Goldsmiths I learnt to follow my instincts, nurture relationships and to be open to all people, no matter what their background."

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Occupation Freelance Journalist & Filmmaker

It is important now more than ever to interrogate how we construct visual narratives of different cultures, to promote diversity, to challenge the politics and aesthetics of representation in the media and to fight the dangerous othering in our society. The course enabled me to gain a deeper understanding into the complexities of these discourses - it was an enriching and inspiring experience.

My final project was awarded the Paul Watson Prize for the best Visual Anthropology film of the academic year 2015/16. 'Wish You Were Hear' is an intimate portrait that follows the realities of everyday life for Maeve and Bhavan, an elderly couple grappling with love and a lifetime together. The film observes the intersections of Tamil and British culture in the microcosm of a relationship that has endured the test of time.