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Sarah Graham

20 years of drinking and drug taking ended Sarah Graham’s career as a TV director and nearly killed her. After checking into rehab in 2001, she became passionate about helping others to overcome their issues and is now recognised as a leading authority in the area of substance misuse by children and young adults.

Main details

Year graduated 1991
Department Anthropology
Occupation Co-founder of the Amy Winehouse Foundation

"Although my addictions ended my career as a TV director, the experience of rehab and my ongoing journey of sobriety have been incredibly rich and rewarding. I’m a better, stronger, more loving and compassionate person now. 

I’m now a therapist and auricular acupuncturist. My company, Sarah Graham Solutions, believes in working holistically with our clients; everyone is unique and no two healing processes are the same. However, I still get to use my media skills, just in different ways. I’m a spokesperson for and I regularly appear on TV and radio, educating young people and parents about drugs and addiction issues. One of my great passions is early intervention; we currently have no rehab centres for teens in the UK (crazy but true!) As a result we’re fundraising to open a new world-class rehab.

As an expert in stimulants drugs treatment I gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee cocaine report- along with Mitch Winehouse. This led to me helping to set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation- giving them the steer for their recovery work; and assisting them with drugs education in schools. I feel honoured to be a part of the committee’s important work; especially as I am the only person who is open about being in recovery themselves sitting on the ACMD. 

Goldsmiths introduced me to some of the most interesting people and ideas I’ve had the good fortune to interact with. The college really opened my eyes to the richness and diversity of cultures and a firm belief that creativity comes from that mix."

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