Yuqin (Casey)

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Studying in Goldsmiths was a really special experience for me.

Yuqin (Casey's) time at Goldsmiths

Studying in Goldsmiths was a really special experience for me. It was my first time staying abroad by myself, my first time fully committing to an education in art, and of course my first time experiencing university.

I think what I enjoyed most was just being in a space where my ideas and creative ambitions were respected and encouraged, and where I could meet amazing friends and mentors who shared similar dreams. Having a dedicated studio space and the opportunities to flexibly explore my ideas, whatever direction they led me in, is something so rare and that I am forever grateful for. I also got exposure to some books, aspects of culture, and entire systems of radical thinking that I had never had the resources for prior to this experience.

Yuqin (Casey's) experience as an international student

I found the culture shock really hard at the start. But it did get exponentially easier after finding my footing, and I feel that at the end of it all I found new ways to love aspects of both London's culture and my own.

What Yuqin (Casey) is doing now

Currently, I'm working locally in the field of alternative art education. I am also a freelance fiction editor and proofreader, while also (slowly) working on a book of my own, and trying to continue my art practice in or out of an "official" setting. In the near future, I hope to pursue further education locally and continue my research in the areas of alternative systems of knowledge, communication, and otherworldliness.

Advice for future students

Academically speaking, I think it's helpful to remember that things are a lot more flexible than they seem - don't be afraid to email tutors, talk to people, or seek out resources you're interested in.

Life in South East London

The banana bread at this little coffee stall at Deptford Market (if it's still around). Best ever. I also really loved the library, and Greenwich park.