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"Goldsmiths is place where you find a lot of people who question the status quo and I think this helped me in my career."

Main details

Year graduated 2002
Programme BA (Hons) English
Occupation Producer at BBC Radio 1

"I had a great time at Goldsmiths, so much so that I opted to carry on after my BA to study for an MA in the same department. I developed valuable skills in being able to consume and interpret large volumes and different kinds of texts, and in nurturing my ability to think creatively and having faith in the independence of my thought processes.

Goldsmiths is definitely a kind of 'black sheep of the family' kind of place where you find a lot of people who are prepared to question things in a staunch kind of way and I think this helped me in my career. I met people from all around the world and travelled a lot during and post university to visit them and was fortunate to study with a huge variety of people from a wealth of different backgrounds. This was an invaluable part of my study as it was very different to the kind of education I'd had before Goldsmiths.

When you're at Goldsmiths there's no doubt that you're at an art college and this suffuses a lot of your study and extra-curricular life, so alongside the kind of left of centre education and a supplementary education in fine art there was a lot of socialising and partying at surreal times and places.

I now produce the weekly Dan and Phil show on air on Radio 1 which aims to bring the sound of the internet onto the radio. I also lead the station's interactive team in innovation so look to incorporate new and exciting digital experiments into the Radio 1 output, whether that is creating virtual nightclubs from Ibiza, letting the audience remix Radio 1 content, or flying indoor live streaming blimps."

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