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Arnar Sigurdsson

"I never thought it was possible to learn so much in a year."

Main details

Year graduated 2014
Occupation Film Producer
Country Iceland

"In which other university programme are you given the assignment to convince someone that they should give you their expensively equipped hospital ward for free, allow you to bring a cast and crew of 20 people along with a truck full of equipment, and permit you to turn everything upside down for two days?

While many film schools glamorise the industry, Goldsmiths opts for a very pragmatic approach: confronting you with what you actually need to learn is prioritised over distracting you with big names and famous faces. I never thought it was possible to learn so much in a year.

The diversity of individuals like ourselves, who come to Goldsmiths to put their talent to the test and join together in making something worthwhile, is a great resource which should not be underestimated."

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