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"Goldsmiths is a place where the only limits are self-imposed"

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Occupation Communications Advisor to MEP, European Parliament
Country United Kingdom

Applying for the MA in Political Communications at Goldsmiths was a straightforward decision. Enrolling in the programme, I was convinced, would take my career to the next level. And it certainly did. Not only by helping me get my dream job, but also by incubating the critical, open-minded, internationally-inspired principles that stimulate my daily work.

As a Spanish youngster having to start my career in the midst of an economic crisis, I had concerns and fears about the future. But Goldsmiths is a place where the only limits are self-imposed. The campus, an ever-inspiring and arty place, empowers students to create, think and grow their own ideas.

The Media department, in particular, is home to a determined and proactive group of academics from whom I learned how communication (old and new media) shapes the world today. They also passed on to me that political communications should be intrinsically linked to a professional commitment to inform and warn the public about ongoing injustices and inequalities.

I met my current boss while researching my MA dissertation. Doing political communications at the EU level is a fascinating challenge for a new graduate, and I felt, from the very first day, motivated and well prepared for the task ahead. 

Over the last 4 years in Brussels I have worked to maximise my MEP's public projection, gain media coverage and further her influence and reputation. To do so, I have designed and implemented creative campaigns and public actions which have been recognised by many as fresh, innovative and groundbreaking.

I cannot recommend Goldsmiths enough. It will enrich you from both a professional, cultural and civic perspective. The university enables you to critically understand and interact with this ever-changing, media-dominated world.

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