Liam O'Reilly

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I have found studying the MA Global Political Economy equal parts challenging and rewarding.

I have found studying the MA Global Political Economy equal parts challenging and rewarding. As would be expected of a course at Goldsmiths, critical thinking is at the forefront of all modules, while the pedagogical approach of the lecturers has encouraged us as students to be a part of the knowledge production process. As a course, it is well designed, with the core modules giving us a grounding in the discipline as a whole as well as taking an innovative approach to thinking about the global economy in ecological terms. The optional modules also enable us to expand our knowledge of the global political economy. The teaching has been first rate, including when it had to be taken online at very short notice, while assessments have allowed us to deepen our engagement with various topics and the feedback that I have received has been extremely detailed and fruitful for my continuing academic development.