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"There’s a lot of interesting moments at Goldsmiths I think all of them revolve around the people that I’ve met."

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My journey to Goldsmiths has been one of discovery. What I’ve learned in my degree is that the human mind is extremely complex. I’ve enjoyed learning about the different factors that can contribute influences to any minor changes in the brain and the mind and the conscious state of it. Mood can easily switch with sleep levels and different biochemicals in brain. There are just so many factors that create what you see in people on a daily basis and that’s just, learning about that has been an amazing experience and I can’t really put it into words.

There’s a lot of interesting moments at Goldsmiths I think all of them revolve around the people that I’ve met and my friends. They’re going to think I’m corny for saying this, but they are probably some of the best people that I’ve met in my life. The moments of my life that I like the most are chilling with them and being around them in general have been the best experience of my life and I’m glad that I went to this university to experience those things. The gaming society, the anime society, just being with them in general has been good.

They’ve definitely inspired me. Not just the friends that I’ve met but the educational staff that I’ve met here have inspired me too. It’s inspired me to look into the future and think about what I want to do and are these things something I can actually see myself doing. I had no idea what university was going to be like before I arrived. I was told all these storied like ‘you’re going to go to university and meet a lot of people and be partying all the time but you’re going to be broke’. But it turns out it’s not all just like that. It’s different for every single person that goes. My story of university isn’t constant parties and being broke all the time, that’s just not the way it went for me. And I think my perception of it changed and I realised this is still life, this is just normal and I’m going to keep going through it just like I was going through it before. Sure it’s wider and I’ve met new people and explored new avenues but it’s still me on the inside and I’m glad about that. There’s change but there’s not that much change for it to be to scary. It’s good.

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