Michael Darko

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There is a real familiar feeling here and it is easy to settle in.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the interactions in Goldsmiths. I got involved with various cultures and personalities I met. It was an excellent "mixing" experience. That is an essential aspect of higher education - the ability to learn from many others who bring their personal experiences to the table that others may profit from.

The STACS department is by far the most exciting department at Goldsmiths. The academic staff teaching in the department come from various backgrounds. We have got people who come from psychology from critical psychology from psychoanalytic psychology, people who have worked as psychotherapists, art, drama, and dance psychotherapists and counsellors, and anthropologists in cultural studies and social policy. Having teaching staff who have experience practising in their respected fields is valuable.

What I have enjoyed the most about this course is having the flexibility and variety of modules to choose from and the support within the department that comes with that. This approach has given me a unique understanding of how social environment or culture creates certain kinds of people. That differs from what goes on in sociology, which focuses on significant social structures or in psychology, which focuses on things within individuals. It is really about the unique spot in which the social needs psychological needs meet.

Goldsmiths University is a distinctive place. It will change your outlook on many things. There is a real familiar feeling here and it is easy to settle in. This place is what you will make of it, really. What you put in determines the outcome. There is real dynamic energy with fantastic facilities all around. There is always a great buzz around the place.