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Guidance for references and supporting statements


Your reference is a very important part of your application. It will be used to help us shortlist candidates for consideration.

Your admissions application reference will form part of your award application; we can access this directly from your admissions record so you do not need to send another copy.

If you didn't submit a reference with your admissions application you can upload and attach a reference to your award application. Take the time to choose your referee carefully. They should be able to comment on your academic ability and/or potential, and so could be one of your teachers or tutors.

An additional reference will only be accepted if it is relevant to the award you have applied for. For example, this could be a referee who can comment on your work experience or involvement in activities taking place away from your school, college or university education.

Non-academic references

A non-academic reference will be accepted if you've been out of formal education for the last four years.

Although a non-academic referee won't be able to comment on your academic potential, they may be able to discuss your enthusiasm, your interests, and your dedication to your job or hobbies. Please note that non-academic references written by a friend or family member will not be accepted.

Supporting statements

The supporting statement will consist of three questions relevant to the award you are applying for. It's very important that you answer the questions clearly and within the word limit. Personal statements will not be accepted.


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