Hachette Internship

Students of the MA Black British Literature have the opportunity to apply for one of two paid one-month summer internships with Hachette, one of the big four global publishing houses.

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Hear from two students who undertook the internships, and from publisher Kerry who talks about why it's so important for publishing houses to attract, retain and nurture a diverse and representative workforce.

India Chambers - studied the MA Black British Literature

India is a Black British literature enthusiast and researcher who is particularly interested in harnessing and amplifying the voices of those who are historically underrepresented. She studied the MA Black British Literature part-time while working.
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Lisa James - studied the MA Black British Literature

Lisa completed the internship in the summer of 2021, after having joined the Masters to explore the works of Black British authors who were writing about relatable experiences.
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Kerry Enzor - Publisher

Kerry is the publisher of Greenfinch, a non-fiction imprint within Quercus. The internship programme was developed by Kerry along with Emerita Professor Joan Anim-Addo and Dr Deirdre Osborne (co-founders of the Masters) as part of a long-term commitment to tackle under-representation and encourage diversity within publishing.
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