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MA in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy: Music Pathway

This programme builds on London's position as one of the most important musical centres in the world, with a diverse range of concert halls, theatres, cultural institutions and arts events that reflect its cosmopolitan and multicultural society.

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MA in Music

This programme offers a variety of stimulating and contemporary academic pathways with a range of theoretical and practice-based modules. 

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MA in Music (Contemporary Music Studies)

The MA in Music (Contemporary Music Studies) examines aspects of methodology, repertoire studies and cultural theory within a wide-ranging programme of investigation into the role of contemporary music in the society for which it is created.

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MA in Music (Ethnomusicology)

The MA in Music (Ethnomusicology) introduces a range of methodologies in relation to the study of music in its cultural contexts.

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MA in Music (General)

This MA allows you to build an individual, 'tailor-made' programme of study, which incorporates the intellectual concerns, skills and understandings that lead to a clearly focused research dissertation. 

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MA in Music (Historical Musicology)

The MA in Music (Historical Musicology) is designed to help musicians of all kinds to work with original sources, to read and edit documents, and to embark upon their own research. 

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MA in Music (Popular Music Research)

The MA in Music (Popular Music Research) engages with scholarly debates and public controversies around popular music, while examining and developing both traditional and innovative ways of researching popular music.

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MMus in Composition

The MMus in Composition fosters your ability to compose and notate music, and to develop your own personal musical language. 

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MMus in Creative Practice

This flexible Masters is an opportunity to investigate and combine strategies for developing creative work – an inclusive and forward-thinking composition degree that acknowledges many different definitions of the term.

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MMus in Performance

This Masters develops your technical and interpretive abilities as a performer, informed by an understanding of style, genre, context and interpretation, as well as historical and theoretical issues relevant to your specialist repertoire.

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MMus in Popular Music

This MMus builds on our international reputation in the popular music field, as seen in the success of our BMus graduates.

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MMus in Sonic Arts

The MMus in Sonic Arts is an opportunity to explore a wide range of creative approaches to studio-based music, including fixed-media composition, improvisation systems, sound art installation and composition for video/film.

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MPhil & PhD in Music

Goldsmiths’ Department of Music has a lively and varied research base, large postgraduate community, active performing tradition, and offers proximity to London’s resources.

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Why study Music at Goldsmiths?

Studying us will maximise your creative and academic potential, preparing you for the professional world. You'll be part of one of the largest postgraduate music communities in the UK, and will have the opportunity to work with performing and industry professionals, and visiting ensembles. 

We uniquely offer teaching in classical and popular music, composition, musicology, sonic arts and ethnomusicology, letting you combine modules from these areas. 

  • You can participate in a host of performance opportunities, including the Goldsmiths Sinfonia, Chamber Choir, Composers’ Forum, Contemporary Music Ensemble, lunchtime and evening recitals,
    and live events at the Students’ Union.
  • You will have access to our commercial-standard recording studio and the Stanley Glasser Electronic Music Studio, which facilitates innovation in composition, production, installation and performance
  • Music at Goldsmiths has been ranked 12th in the UK for the quality of our research in the Research Excellence Framework

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Photo of Micah
"Goldsmiths and London life have afforded me more life-changing experiences and relationships than I ever could have asked for."

"I spent the past five years attending university and later working in the Chicago area. One of my mentors at university mentioned his ties to Goldsmiths so I decided to research it. What I found was an exciting and comprehensive programme in one of the most culturally vibrant cities on earth. I had treasured the opportunities afforded to me by living so close to Chicago. Imagine what London would hold! I quickly applied, got accepted, and began navigating the visa process.

When American students travel, it’s usually a backpacking trip with friends or a very sanitised term abroad with American peers. My experience has been quite different. I didn’t know a single soul at Goldsmiths and was completely immersed in authentic English culture.

Getting to know the faculty and my peers has been an experience of deepening my perspective, both culturally and musically, leading to numerous musical opportunities as well as a complete paradigm shift in how I approach my discipline as a classical composer.

I now run a weekly lecture series on contemporary music with my colleagues. A friend and I are starting to write music for a play to be premiered in Edinburgh later this year. A group of us do regular improvisation concerts around the city.

Even as I continue to be amazed by it, Goldsmiths and London life have afforded me more life-changing experiences and relationships than I ever could have asked for."