Postgraduate Sociology degrees


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MA in Brands, Communication & Culture

This exciting degree offers you the opportunity to study one of the major areas in contemporary media and communications – branding. 

  • Media, Communications and Cultural Studies

MA in Cities & Society

This programme brings together social analysis, activism, and inventive research methods in a critical engagement with various dimensions of urban work – from policy-making, research and cultural interventions, to the management of social programmes and institutions.

  • Sociology

MA in Critical & Creative Analysis

We live in a time of profound cultural, social and political changes, and this MA is designed to equip you with conceptual and analytical tools to understand and engage these changes in thoughtful and inventive ways. As cultural processes are themselves creative and dynamic, our analysis of them must be too. This programme emphasises the critical analysis of cultural processes from advanced theoretical perspectives and with an interdisciplinary outlook.

  • Sociology

MA in Gender, Media & Culture

This MA introduces you to recent debates on gender in the disciplines of sociology and media and communications studies, and to the interdisciplinary domains of feminist social and cultural theory.

  • Sociology

MA in Human Rights, Culture & Social Justice

This MA examines contemporary issues concerning justice. You will learn how to conceptualise and study the possibilities of human rights, going beyond legal formulations to look at the conditions in which human rights claims are made.

  • Sociology

MA in Race, Media & Social Justice

How we live with difference is the key issue of our time. Issues relating to race and ethnicity, whether immigration, Islamophobia, #blacklivesmatter, or media diversity, are at the forefront of public debate. The MA in Race, Media and Social Justice will equip you with critical and theoretical tools to unpack and deepen your understanding of contemporary debates on race, ethnicity and racism.

  • Media, Communications and Cultural Studies

MA in Visual Sociology

Designed for students interested in new ways of exploring and understanding the social world through the use of visual, sensory and other experimental approaches, this programme allows you to study sociological issues alongside innovative methods.

  • Sociology

MPhil & PhD in Sociology

We're committed to developing our postgraduates into skilled researchers who can conduct rigorous research using a variety of methodologies and methods.

  • Sociology

MPhil & PhD in Visual Sociology

The MPhil/PhD in Visual Sociology offers you the opportunity to combine written sociological argument with film, sound, or photographic representation. 

  • Sociology

MSc in Social Research

The MSc in Social Research is an advanced degree in social scientific methodology. It is suited to those who wish to prepare for PhD research or for those who want to increase key employability skills in the areas of qualitative fieldwork, quantitative data management, and data analytics.

  • Sociology
Sociology at Goldsmiths

Why study Sociology at Goldsmiths?

You'll be joining one of the largest and most innovative sociology departments in the country: we have an impressive reputation, having been ranked: 

You'll also be in conversation with academics who are experts in their field, and published authors and media commentators in their own right. 

We play a unique role in defining the discipline, setting agendas and intervening in key debates about subjects including human rights, class and the super-rich, urban life and the inner city, new media and globalisation.

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