Staff Research Interests (Sociology)

Activism and social movements; globalisation; information technologies; ethnicity; the use of biography and other forms of narrative in social research. 
Dr Brian Alleyne

Race and racism, multiculturalism, urban life, social exclusion, popular culture and music, sport sociology, postcolonial theory, youth and gender, work and institutional racism, visual sociology, health and illness. 
Professor Les Back

Ethics, socio-cultural aspects of transitional justice, aesthetics and the politics of art, especially in societies emerging from violent pasts and with particular interests in Argentina; Social theory, especially the impact of the thought of Michel Foucault and Hannah Arendt; feminist and ‘continental’ philosophy; theories of performativity, subjectivity and the politics of ‘race’, gender and sexuality.
Professor Vikki Bell

Urban Sociology; social media; the social life of methods and the public life of data.
Professor Roger Burrows

Feminist and post-structuralist social theory, psychoanalytic theory and socio-legal studies.
Dr Kirsten Campbell

Social theory, consumer culture, the body, ageing and the life course, global culture and globalization processes.
Professor Mike Featherston

Words; facts and fictions; storying; archives; experience; methods; sociology, science and literature.
Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Science and technology studies, digital media, materiality, environments and environmental change, urbanism, creative practice, participation, inventive methods
Jennifer Gabrys

Concepts of health, illness, therapeutics and/or healing in the context of different forms of medical rationality; concepts of life and vitalism; the body and the organism; social theory in relation to the ‘psy’ disciplines, emotions, subjectivity/selfhood and mental health; historical theory.
Dr Monica Greco

STS, visual, studies of expertise, architecture and the city, disasters.
Dr Michael Guggenheim

Corporeal vulnerability, care, and social research methodologies.
Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam

Professional photographer and film-maker with an interest in theoretical and practice-led visual ethnography.
Paul Halliday

Nationalism; cosmopolitanism; international law; socio-legal studies; crimes against humanity; genocide; holocaust; ‘war on terror’; fundamentalism; Israel/Palestine; human rights.
Dr David Hirsh

The application of quantitative methodologies in sociological and public policy research.
Aidan Kelly

Race and ethnicity; migrational space and urban life; madness; visual studies and biographical methods.
Professor Caroline Knowles

Political sociology, sociological theory, sociology of culture, organisations, humanitarian relief.
Dr Monika Krause

Science and technology studies, digital social research, participation, actor-network theory, environmental sociology, political theory, controversy analysis and issue mapping.
Dr Noortje Marres

Public understanding of science; sociology of mundane technologies; sociology of biomedical innovation; sociology of everyday life; animals and society; materiality and sociality.
Professor Mike Michael

Sociology of human rights; cultural politics; political sociology; citizenship; social movements; equality and diversity. 
Professor Kate Nash

Governance, accountability, ethics; ethnomethodology, science and technology studies; ethnography; markets, surveillance, security.
Dr Daniel Neyland

The significance of time/space to the regulation of subjects and construction of gendered subjectivity, with specific regards to consumption, advertising, organisational analysis and educational policy.
Dr Pam Odih

Cultural studies; sociology of science and technology; sociology of childhood and social theory. 
Dr David Oswell

Space, race, gender and politics. Co-organiser of the Methods Lab, developing creative critical methodologies beyond academia. 
Dr Nirmal Puwar

Cities, Globalisation, Urban Regeneration, Multiculture, Class, Race, Racism, Food, Smell, Sensory Methods, Ethnography and Historical Sociology. 
Dr Alex Rhys-Taylor

Issues of class, gender and sexualities in urban contexts. 
Dr Alison Rooke

Sociological studies of biomedicine and biotechnology inclusive of feminist poststructual critiques of matter; HIV/AIDS, blood, organ and xenotransplantation; sexuality and theories of the body. 
Dr Marsha Rosengarten

Cultural identity, European cultural policies (and cultural politics), the city (in Europe and globally), leisure, landscape and place, experience, aesthetics, art worlds, festivals, culture industries, museums and other ‘memory institutions’. 
Dr Monica Sassatelli

Social theory and philosophy; Marxism and critical theory; moral theory; masculinity and sexual politics; the body and emotional life; ecology and social theory; holocaust and modernity; psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; identity and ethnicity; men and feminism; the sociology of knowledge; morality and social theory; equality and liberal theory. 
Emeritus Professor Victor Jeleniewski Seidler

Various territories, powers, cultural expressions, potentialities, governance and planning discourses, spaces and times in cities across the world. 
Professor AbdouMaliq Simone

Class; cultural formations; feminist and poststructuralist theory; Pierre Bourdieu and Karl Marx; sexuality, space and violence. 
Professor Bev Skeggs

Conceptual and practical status of race, especially in relation to politics and ethics; black/postcolonial radical intellectualism; sociology of sport; sport; culture and aesthetics. 
Dr Brett St Louis

Japanese culture and society; consumer culture; women, department store and aestheticization; visual sociology; the body.
Dr Tomoko Tamari

Contemporary social and political theory; Marxism; philosophy; political economy; history of ideas; art and aesthetics.
Dr Alberto Toscano

Sociology of technology; design and the social sciences; visual research methodologies; interdisciplinary studies between sociology and art/design. 
Dr Nina Wakeford

Protocols for postcapitalist societies, the critique of neoliberalism, the development of a post-anthropocentric ontology, researching new approaches to cognition and the world-body-mind entanglement, rethinking affect, theorising the postcolony, genealogy as counter-history.
Professor Couze Venn

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