Goldsmiths Podcasts are no longer available


Between 2012 and 2015 Goldsmiths ran a Podcast project to record lectures and make them available publicly online.  At the time there was a hope this would be a new way of letting people hear the work going on at Goldsmiths.

In common with similar services offered by many organisations, it proved challenging to drive regular traffic to podcast collections that sat outside of dominant audio services (such as Apple Music), and a decision was taken to end the project in 2015.

The archive remained online until September 2018, when it was removed due to regular server failures that would have been costly to repair.

A selection of the most popular recordings are available on Soundcloud ( Goldsmiths Press are republishing some of them.

The full archive is held by Goldsmiths Library.  You can request a copy of a recording by emailing with the recording’s name and speaker, and what series it was part of.