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Graham Harman : Greenberg and Philosophy

Graham Harman

This lecture will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the priority given to background media in three crucial twentieth century thinkers: Martin Heidegger, Marshall McLuhan, and Clement Greenberg. In Greenberg's case, there will be a discussion of his dismissive assessments of surrealism and dadaism, assessments that stem from his tacit agreement with Heidegger and McLuhan about the triviality of figure in comparison with its sustaining ground. By considering the limits of this shared approach, we will gain a sense of how one might push Heidegger, McLuhan, and Greenberg further.

Mon, 25 Feb 13 0

Eileen Simpson and Ben White: Open Music Archive

Eileen Simpson, Ben White

Artists Eileen Simpson and Ben White present a selection of recent projects, focusing on tactics which value generosity, free circulation and viral distribution. Their ongoing project Open Music Archive is an initiative to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright archive material and is a vehicle for collaborative projects exploring the material’s potential for reuse. Their films, performances and live events are by-products of unfolding scenarios, active agents designed to rewire the standardised actions and trajectories of existing networks of cultural and artistic production.

Mon, 18 Feb 13 0

Marysia Lewandowska : Publishing in Process: Ownership in Question

Marysia Lewandowska

What do notions of production, property, ownership and exchange mean to us right now? At a moment when the distribution between what is privately owned and publicly shared in society is being fundamentally scrutinized, questioned and protested in many parts of the world, such inquiry becomes urgent. Publishing in Process: Ownership in Question seeks to establish an ongoing context to investigate, discuss and recalibrate our working definition of such terms collectively. Special focus is placed on ownership in relation to publishing.

Mon, 04 Feb 13 0

Ben Vickers and Christopher Kulendran Thomas - Post-Internet / NoSpectators - Art After the Internet

Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Ben Vickers

Since 2008 the buzz term of post-internet art has come to be identified with an aesthetic reminiscent of an earlier lost era. Initial claims for this term can be characterised by the utopian fantasy of a borderless, immaterial, post-gendered space beyond authorship. However, the early history of post-internet can be told quite differently, with fixed geographies, clearly delineated groups of individuals working together, and specific implications for the way in which existing institutions are now consolidating this emerging canon. Is post-internet merely a sub-genre of Contemporary Art, or could it propose a rupturing of the parameters within which art is instituted?

Mon, 14 Jan 13 0

Jussi Parikka : An Alternative Deep Time of Artistic Excavation

Jussi Parikka

This talk focuses on media archaeological art methods, and more broadly the way in which we can rethink “actuality” and temporality in new ways through media archaeology. It addresses the idea of “deep times of media art history” that Siegfried Zielinski called for, but with a new, more material twist: what if instead of deep times of pioneers of media art and experimental practices we also look at the deep times of the materials, minerals as such? This leads into geological deep times, of temporal scales non-human and rethinking the new, the old and their foldings.

Sun, 14 Oct 12 2