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Forget the Book 1

Doug Sery, Gary Hall, Sean Cubitt, Sarah Kember, Joanna Zylinska, Janis Jefferies

To what extent do changes in the industry constrain and facilitate the possibilities of academic writing and publishing including, for example, more co-authored and collaborative work; multimedia publishing; variations in length (currently constrained by standardized articles, chapters and monographs) and speed of output and perhaps even a less rigid adherence to the division between academic and non-academic writing which might enable us to consider, for example, the graphic novel as a possible mode of academic output.

Thu, 23 May 13 0

Federica Frabetti: Rethinking Software Between Code Studies and Digital Humanities

Federica Frabetti

In this talk Frederica explores the way in which an understanding of digital technologies requires a close critical engagement with software, on which such technologies are based. In turn, the question of what software is and of the kind of knowledge that can be produced about it outside of the boundaries of computer sciences cannot be addressed without radically reconsidering what we mean by "knowledge" in relation to "technology" in a broader sense. Today the cultural study of software is the object of fields as varied as Software Studies, Code Studies, Critical Code Studies, the Digital Humanities and Digital Media Studies. She argues that these fields could benefit from a radical rethinking of the conceptual framework of instrumentality and the way in which technology has been understood primarily by the Western philosophical tradition.

Wed, 27 Feb 13 0