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Les Back

Les Back talks to Charlynne Bryan about her involvement in the EUMARGINS research project and her thought on research ethics and authorship.

Tue, 15 Oct 13 0

You've got a text from: UKBA

Les Back

Les give an up date on his attempts to become a routine writer and describes the process of writing a new piece on the way UK Border Agency are using mobile mobile phones to seek track migrants who are 'overstayers'. He discusses how Twitter and the iPhone is used to uncover what UKBA is doing.

Fri, 11 Oct 13 0

Hannah Arendt and the Humanities in Human Rights Programme with Lyndsey Stonebridge

Les Back, Lyndsey Stonebridge

This time Les is off to Norwich to be part of the Humanities in Human Rights weekend workshop. He talks to Lyndsey Stonebridge about Hannah Arendt's thought and what she would have thought about the feature film that was made about her life.

Fri, 04 Oct 13 0

Wildlife, Orwell and saying goodbye to Copenhagen

Les Back

Leaving Copenhagen, Les talks about the way wildlife endures in the heart of the city and the joggers and runners who pound the streets exercising.

Mon, 30 Sep 13 2

Greetings from Copenhagen, and Benny Lihme editor of Social Kritik

Les Back

Les meets Benny Lihme, publisher of Social Kritik, at the journal's 25th anniversary celebrations in Copenhagen. Benny talks about the history of the journal, rejecting an article by Pierre Bourdieu and publishing unkempt writers who have something to say.

Thu, 26 Sep 13 2