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'Digital Dilemmas: Power, resistance and the internet', book launch.

David Morely, Noortje Marres, Arjun Appadurai, Marianne Franklin

Arjun Appadurai speaks at this event to celebrate the launch of Marianne Franklin's new book Digital Dilemmas, published by Oxford University Press. This new book draws on over a decade of fieldwork, scholarship and activism to give an insightful and thoughtful account of the internet and who 'owns' it. Speaking about the book, Arjun said: "Digital Dilemmas addresses an important current field of media studies. Its principal strength and originality lies in its ability to bridge social, technological and cultural approaches to the internet and to new media generally, in a space in which major studies are typically one-dimensional."

Wed, 02 Apr 14 2

Class and Elites in Britain: findings from the BBC’s Great British Class Survey

Mike Savage

In this talk, Mike will discuss "the paradox of class". This is the idea that that overt class politics and consciousness decline as divisions become more entrenched. He draws on research from the BBC’s Great British Class Survey and the public reaction to its findings as the mainstay of his presentation and will reflect more broadly on one of the striking findings from the GBCS regarding the increasingly striking distinctiveness of a small elite class.

Mon, 24 Feb 14 0

Data Unhinged: relation, administration and novel aesthesias

Anna Munster

In An Aesthesia of Networks, I rethink the function and place of assemblages such as databases in network cultures, histories and aesthetics. Rather than the conceiving of database as symbolic form, I suggest that it functions diagrammatically in conjunction with other sociotechnical machines. Data has been ‘unhinged’ from its organisational base, does not conform to medial forms and ceases to play a representational role in contemporary culture. The redesign of the database in the 1960s shook up its organisation and performance, so that it worked quite differently, ‘declaring’ its operativity as it performed.

Wed, 20 Mar 13 0