Technology v Tradition: Shaping the university of the future


Covering topics such as MOOCS, Open Access and how we best equip students for the digital age, the series will feature a range of individuals from Goldsmiths, the sector and beyond in an engaging conversation format.

Podcasts in this series

The Open Access debate: Challenges, threats and promises

Helen Bagnall, Sarah Kember, Joanna Zylinska

Open Access (OA) is a world-wide movement which aims to make peer-reviewed scholarly research and publications freely available online. It also incorporates different political positions ranging from neoliberal support for research as innovation that is supposed to strengthen the economy, to theories of open access as an incarnation of “gift economy” or even “data communism”. Debating just some of the issues in open access publishing are professors Joanna Zylinska and Sarah Kember, both of Goldsmiths. They are joined by trade publishing consultant Helen Bagnall, who is chairing the debate.

Thu, 07 Nov 13 0