Anomolistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) Invited Speaker Series


There can be little doubt that the paranormal is accepted as real by the majority of the British public. However, most of the evidence put forward in support of paranormal claims is in fact very much weaker than indicated in media presentations. This collection from the 2012-2013 visiting speaker series explores common and uncommon anomolistic psychology.

Podcasts in this series

Elizabeth Loftus Interview

Elizabeth Loftus, Chris French

In conversation with Professor Chris French, world-renowned Psychologist Professor Elizabeth Loftus explores the science of cognitive errors, false memories and the human consequences of inaccurate recollection.

Wed, 20 Mar 13 0

Beyond belief

Jovan Byford

Since the resurgence of public interest in conspiracy theories in the 1990s, there has been a flurry of studies looking at this phenomenon from a social psychological perspective. Much of this research has focused on identifying specific social and psychological factors that underpin the susceptibility of individuals to conspiracist thinking, and which might therefore help to explain the persistence of conspiracy theories in modern society. In this talk, Jovan Byford offers a methodological critique of this growing body of work.

Tue, 08 Jan 13 0

The Moon and Madness

Dr Niall McCrae

Lunacy, the legendary notion of minds unhinged by the moon, continues to captivate the popular imagination. Although it violates the assumptions of modern science and psychiatry, such belief remains common among mental health workers. Dr Niall McCrae presents a historical account of the lunacy concept, followed by discussion of hypothetical mechanisms and indications for further research.

Tue, 20 Nov 12 0