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The Methods Lab is intended to provide a space for us to question and develop our own methods of sociological reasoning, to be open to the possibilities of practicing a sociological imagination in a world in which the fundamental co-ordinates of social life are held to be undergoing change.

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Edward is still with us: Jean Mohr reflects on Edward Said in Palestine & After the Last Sky

Jean Mohr

After the Last Sky came about after Jean Mohr was commissioned by the UN, to take photos of some of the key sites in which Palestinians lived their lives. Because the UN allowed only minimal text (the names of places) to accompany the photographs, Said and Mohr decided to work together on an 'interplay', as Said put it, of Said's personal account of Palestinian suffering and exile and Mohr's photographs – 'an unconventional, hybrid, and fragmentary [form] of expression' - which they called After the Last Sky (1986). The Space and Gaze exhibition at Goldsmiths (September 2013 – July 2014) brings Mohr's images and Said's text from this seminal book together for the first time. Working against the grain of speeded up short durations in gallery spaces and the cultural sector more widely, we have chosen to live and converse with the images and texts for the longer duration of an academic year. Against the grain of the corporatization of the academy, the exhibition claims the space for an alternative writing on the walls of the university.

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