Mass Observation


Interviews, talks and conversations with those connected with the Mass Observation project.

Podcasts in this series

Stand + Stare Mass Observation Jukebox

Nirmal Puwar, Lucy Heywood, Barney Heywood

The Mass Observation Archive has documented everyday life in Britain since 1937. Lucy and Barney Heywood, from Stand + Stare, have captured snatches. Students, staff and members of the public were invited to hear of their methods and try out their jukebox in this interactive presentation

Wed, 31 Oct 12 0

Stand + Stare Mass Observation Jukebox INTERVIEWS

Goldsmiths Students

After the Mass Observation Jukebox talk by Stand + Stare, students shared their thoughts on using the jukebox.

Wed, 31 Oct 12 0

Dorothy Sheridan: Recording for the Future?

Dorothy Sheridan, Mariam Motamedi Fraser

In this informal presentation, Dorothy Sheridan provides a brief overview of the original social research organisation, Mass Observation (1937-c.1960), and describes the revival in 1981 in which she was instrumental. She will consider how the Archive has developed and been used both for academic research and for wider publication, looking particularly at the contribution of women, including her own as archivist.

Wed, 31 Oct 12 0