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A series of podcasts created by the Radical Media Forum at Goldsmiths University of London.

Podcasts in this series

Federica Frabetti: Rethinking Software Between Code Studies and Digital Humanities

Federica Frabetti

In this talk Frederica explores the way in which an understanding of digital technologies requires a close critical engagement with software, on which such technologies are based. In turn, the question of what software is and of the kind of knowledge that can be produced about it outside of the boundaries of computer sciences cannot be addressed without radically reconsidering what we mean by "knowledge" in relation to "technology" in a broader sense. Today the cultural study of software is the object of fields as varied as Software Studies, Code Studies, Critical Code Studies, the Digital Humanities and Digital Media Studies. She argues that these fields could benefit from a radical rethinking of the conceptual framework of instrumentality and the way in which technology has been understood primarily by the Western philosophical tradition.

Wed, 27 Feb 13 0

Marc Garret: Disrupting The Gaze: Part 1 - Art intervention and the Tate Gallery

Paolo Ruffino, Marc Garrett

We live in a world riddled with contradictions and confusing signals. Our histories are assessed, judged and introduced as fact yet there are so many bits missing. We accept what is given through sound bite forms of mediation and end up using misinformation as our cultural foundations, and then we build on these "acquired" assumptions as our "imagined" guidelines. This critique studies how contemporary artists are challenging these defaults through their connected enactments and critical inquiries of the existing conditions.

Thu, 21 Feb 13 0

Sarah Kember and Joanna Zylinska:Is there life after new media?

Sarah Kember, Joanna Zylinska

Join us for a discussion with Sarah Kember and Joanna Zylinska to celebrate the launch of their book, Life after New Media: Mediation as a Vital Process (MIT Press, 2012). Kember and Zylinska will consider the viability of “new media studies” as a discrete field of enquiry, at a time when media “newness” seems to have lost some of its shine. They will suggest we should move beyond our fascination with objects -- computers, smart phones, iPods, Kindles -- to an examination of the interlocking technical, social, and biological processes of mediation.

Wed, 05 Dec 12 0

Nicholas Mirzoeff: Something to See Here: For a Militant Visual Culture Practice

Nicholas Mirzoeff

In this presentation, Mirzoeff describes how his work has unfolded from the analysis of critical visuality studies into a militant research practice over the past two years. He introduces his project about the Algerian Revolution and its place as a key site on the border between the global North and South and talks about how the interface of digital humanities and critical visuality came to shape his durational writing project called Occupy 2012 in which he writes every day in regards to the Occupy movement.

Thu, 29 Nov 12 0

Pat Brereton: Smart Cinema

Pat Brereton

"Smart Cinema" (2012) focuses on the convergence between "old" and "new" media, and demonstrates how contemporary film industries create opportunities for audiences to be more active. Using case studies of British and other smart films, Brereton explores how such features can represent a bridge between the text and the creative makers of a film, who in turn speak directly to their niche audiences, often outside of the confines of the filmic text.

Mon, 05 Nov 12 0