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Made in Goldsmiths, created to showcase our excellent scholars and find out more about their work. Every day at Goldsmiths, our staff are researching, discovering and creating. Made in Goldsmiths provides an opportunity for our campus community to find out more about this work, whether it is a book, research, a film or an exhibition.

Podcasts in this series

Michael Rosen Inaugural Lecture

Michael Rosen

Award-winning children's author and poet Michael Rosen is the latest to take part in the Made in Goldsmiths event series. Rosen, who is taking up a professorship in the University's Department of Educational Studies, is currently developing a new, practical and theoretical MA in Children's Literature to start in September 2014. "There are so many interesting elements to Children's Literature that perhaps aren't obvious; psychological and anthropological elements for example. Children's Literature is essentially a human practice, it's part of how we initiate our children into life, but also how we begin to shape how they think about question what they are doing." Michael Rosen, Britain's fifth Children's Laureate

Sun, 18 May 14 2

Life Writing and the Writing Life

Blake Morrison

Professor Blake Morrison reads from his latest poetry pamphlet, This Poem, reflecting on his career as a writer in different forms (memoir, fiction, drama and poetry), and discussing his interest in bibliotheraphy.

Thu, 20 Mar 14 0

Getting Physical: Visceral Music Machines

Atau Tanaka

Professor Atau Tanaka, from the Department of Computing, presents his inaugural lecture, Getting Physical: Visceral Music Machines

Tue, 11 Feb 14 0

No finery: clothing the poor in nineteenth-century England

Vivienne Richmond

Dr Vivienne Richmond, Department of History, reveals the importance of dress to the nineteenth-century English poor, who valued clothing not only for its practical utility, but also as a central element in the creation and assertion of collective and individual identities. This event marked the publication of new book by Cambridge University Press ‘Clothing the Poor in Nineteenth-century England’

Thu, 21 Nov 13 0

Inaugural Lecture: Forensic Architecture

Eyal Weizman

Professor Eyal Weizman, Department of Visual Cultures, delivers his inaugural lecture. He uses the groundbreaking work of the forensic architecture team in places of conflict, such as Palestine, Pakistan and Guatemala to critically evaluate the politics and aesthetics of contemporary forms of spatial investigation.

Thu, 24 Oct 13 0