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Sleep Paralysis and the Devil in the Room

Carla MacKinnon

Ever awoken from sleep but remained unable to move? During this paralysis, have you seen or heard things which were no longer present when fully awake? These symptoms are common experiences within sleep paralysis (SP), which is the feeling of not being able to move, either as you are going to sleep or as you are waking up. It might feel as though you cannot move your arms or legs and cannot speak or cry out. Some people also experience seeing and/or hearing things around them which are no longer present when they wake up. In this episode, filmmaker Carla MacKinnon discusses the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, which is the subject of her short film Devil in the Room. Carla is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary producer with a background in events, technology and education. Her website and trailer for Devil in the Room can be found here:

Thu, 02 Jan 14 0