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Defending Human Rights in a Digital Age

Marianne Franklin

This panel addresses the human rights implications for the future of the internet as struggles over its ownership and control gather steam at the national and international level. The internet-dependent world is still dealing with the fallout of Edward Snowden's revelations of mass online surveillance. The human rights implications of state and private actors' tracking of our everyday life online, our digital imagination, and our relationships with other people through social media have been thrust into the headlines as a result.

Thu, 26 Feb 15 0

'Digital Dilemmas: Power, resistance and the internet', book launch.

Marianne Franklin

Arjun Appadurai speaks at this event to celebrate the launch of Marianne Franklin's new book Digital Dilemmas, published by Oxford University Press. This new book draws on over a decade of fieldwork, scholarship and activism to give an insightful and thoughtful account of the internet and who 'owns' it. Speaking about the book, Arjun said: "Digital Dilemmas addresses an important current field of media studies. Its principal strength and originality lies in its ability to bridge social, technological and cultural approaches to the internet and to new media generally, in a space in which major studies are typically one-dimensional."

Wed, 02 Apr 14 2

On the Charter of Internet Rights

Marianne Franklin

A day of analysis and tools for a post-PRISM internet. Freaked out by spiralling revelations of NSA surveillance? Worried that the spooks have subverted the internet at every level to make it a vast, multi-layered panopticon? Or simply creeped out by the way services like Facebook & Gmail track everything you do so they can profile you for advertising? Whatever your paranoia, now is not the time to give up on the internet. It's time for a CryptoFestival! On November 30th we're coming together to build on the success of the CryptoParty movement and to reclaim our right to communicate and experiment on the internet.

Mon, 24 Feb 14 0